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Neostarpack is a liquid filling packaging line supplier, good at filler, tablet counter, capping machine labeller and bottle rinser.


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Neostarpack filling production line Service Introduction

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan filling production line supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1998, in the bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality filling production line production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Automatic Small Bottles Filling Capping Labeling Line (Including Cap Placing Machine)
    Automatic Small Bottles Filling Capping Labeling Line (Including Cap Placing Machine)

    Who says that automatic filling and packaging equipment can only choose large equipment? Neostarpack will dispel the myth that automatic filling production line is only for the large machines. It is often seen that when customers purchase automatic filling machines for bottles, they find that it is usually only the medium and large filling machines has the scale of automatic production lines. However, many customers have been confined to the limited production space, such as: high-level pharmaceutical preparations, laboratories, initial stage development of new products or medium-sized capacity requirements. We have designed an automatic small bottles filling capping labeling production line that combines the functions of filling, cap placing, capping, labeling and coding into it. It is very suitable for those who do not need high-speed mass production and only need small and medium-sized production capacity to meet the production needs. This compact filling production line has the automatic cap placing machine which is usually equipped for the large automatic filling production line. Moreover, it can also provide the output of up to 550~900 bottles per hour (It differs from product characteristics and the bottles)

  • Vial Filling Capping Machine Equipment
(Piston Pump Liquid Filler & Capper Line)
    Vial Filling Capping Machine Equipment (Piston Pump Liquid Filler & Capper Line)

    The automatic vial filling capping machine equipment is combined with bottle infeed device, which means there are three functions in one frame, providing fully automatic bottle feeding, bottle positioning, liquid filling, cap placing, and cap screwing procedure; all mechanisms are synchronized that keep production from being interrupted. Automatic vial filling capping machine equipment is suitable for 2-20ml small volume liquid filling and capping, and can be used on pharmaceutical, essential oil, injection, cosmetic, healthy beverage and special solvent production. Vial filling capping machine equipment is equipped with high accuracy liquid filler, automatic cap-placing and outstanding servo motor-driven system which providing smooth and precise cap-placing, cap-screwing process. Besides, it’s simple to operate the machine because of the advanced control interface, and easy to fulfill both high speed and high accuracy production. Furthermore, you could also enhance production efficiency and save the costly manpower. Automatic vial filling capping machine consists of multiple stations: Automatic conveying device with star wheel design. At the first is filling station; second one is auto-cap-placing station; the third is capping station, and the bottle outfeed machine is also available as option. This liquid filling machine is driven by servo motor, and the operator can input the filling volume directly by using the human-machine interface which can use to quickly input parameter. And the filling accuracy of the instrument is excellent, liquid storage tank can be customized according to your requirement. This instrument has the automatic cap-placing and cap-screwing function, and can apply to every plastic screwing caps and aluminum caps; capping tightness can be adjusted by servo torque control via human machine interface.

  • Automatic Bottle Liquid Filling Capping Machine Line
    Automatic Bottle Liquid Filling Capping Machine Line

    Automatic overflow filler and capper machine : Used to fill lower viscosity products, can handle foamy and non foamy liquid. Automatic inline pressure overflow filler machine. The production speeds obtained with small investment cause it's great value, the limitation is the viscosity of the products. Flexible to fill various free-flowing liquids without particulates. Applied to diverse industries including cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. Suitable for a variety of container shapes and sizes, especially for glass bottle filling, fill to the same level.

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