20. If you have three products, toner, lotion and water, can you share the same filling machine?

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Neostarpack 20. If you have three products, toner, lotion and water, can you share the same filling machine? Introduction

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20. If you have three products, toner, lotion and water, can you share the same filling machine?

Not necessarily, because the types of filling machines on the market are very diverse, and the types of products used are not the same. When selecting a filling machine suitable for the product, the type and characteristics of the liquid must be taken into consideration. Different liquids need to use different filling machines. In order to achieve accurate and time-saving automatic filling production, the above three liquid characteristics are quite different, and it is usually recommended to use different types of filling machines for production.


Lotion filling machine
The lotion is recommended to be filled with a piston-type filling machine due to the thicker liquid, and the piston filling machine is used to achieve quantitative filling by means of a piston reciprocating.
Cosmetic filling machine
The filling of the toner is usually recommended by the peristaltic filling machine. The principle of the peristaltic filling machine is to fill the tube with the rotors to make the liquid advance in the tube to achieve the filling, and the peristaltic liquid filling machine is easy to clean and has high versatility. It is the best quality filling machine for cosmetics and maintenance products.
Water filling machine
The characteristics of water are relatively simple, and the customer expects that the appearance of the filled product is consistent high. Therefore, the overflow filling machine fully meets the requirements of such products. The principle of overflow machine is to reflect the liquid level through the sensing element. The liquid level of the product is controlled by the liquid level controller, so that the height of water level is consistent, and the liquid contour filling machine is also suitable for filling the product which is easy to foam during production. If you have a variety of products and are not sure if you can share the same filling machine, please feel free to discuss with us provide product samples to help you find the right filling solution.

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