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    Witness Neostarpack’s packaging innovation at Japan Pack 2023
    12 Sep, 2023

    Neostarpack is a Taiwanese company specializing in the production of various labeling machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, and other packaging equipment. We will participate in Japan Pack 2023 in Tokyo from October 3rd to 6th to display our latest packaging machines and technology.We will bring our complete automated bottle packaging equipment to show you innovative packaging solutions suitable for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and chemicals. Whether you want to improve productivity, reduce labor costs, increase product quality, or create more attractive packaging designs, Neostarpack can meet your needs. Our equipment is multifunctional, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly. In addition, it’s available to be customized and adjusted according to your requirements, allowing you to enjoy the best packaging experience.If you want to know more about Neostarpack, Please check our official website, or scan the QR code below to follow our social accounts.See you at Japan Pack 2023!

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    Neostarpack gets D&B D-U-N-S Certificate
    27 May, 2023

    Since 2015, Neostarpack has been certified by Dun & Bradstreet, obtained the D&B D-U-N-S Number®, and updated our information annually for the 9th year. This demonstrates the importance of our global business and represents that we are a supplier that meets international standards in terms of information transparency and a reliable business partner.

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    Neostarpack Capsule Tablet Machine CE certification
    11 Sep, 2021

    CE certification means that the product meets the specification of EU safety, health, and consumer protection practices. Neostarpack capsule/tablet counting machine obtained CE certification this year. Neostarpack capsule/tablet counting machine obtained CE certification this year.Neostarpack will continue to devote our effort to the high-quality automation pharmaceutical counting machine and nutraceutical countung equipment design and manufacturing.

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    Let’s meet at WestPack 2020. (February 11-February13)
    11 Feb, 2020

    Time flies. WestPack 2020 is drawing near. We can’t wait to provide you with more customized packaging solutions. No matter it’s for food, cosmetics, medical and chemical industry, we have launched accordingly designed packaging machines for each category, such as bottle washing machine, filling machine, capper, labeler and frequently asked monoblock filler and capper in recent years.

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    Neostarpack can’t wait for meeting you all in Japan Pack 2019. (October 29-November1)
    29 Oct, 2019

    In the biennial Japan Pack, Neostarpack will show you our automatic compact filling line, including from liquid filler, capper to labeler. Besides, we are also capable of providing packaging machines for all kinds of industries: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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    Neostarpack Filling Machine CE certification
    01 May, 2019

    We are delighted to tell you a piece of good news! Addition to our certified cappers, our filling machines have already passed the CE certification. It makes customers in Europe get more choices for purchasing our filling machines.

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    Join us at WestPack 2019 February 5-7 in Anaheim, CA
    05 Feb, 2019

    A new year has just begun, WestPack is about to come as well. Neostarpack sincerely invites you to join us for this big event. We have all kinds of packaging machines, from liquid filling machines, tablet and capsule counters, labelers to production lines. All is here waiting for you to find out.

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    Come with Neostarpack for 2018 Taiwan Int'l Food Industry Show (2018/11/16-19)
    16 Nov, 2018

    The annual Taiwan Int’l Food Industry Show is coming. I believe that everyone can’t wait to see the stunning packaging machines. This time, Neostarpack is going to show you our tabletop compact filling capping machine, semi-auto filling machine, capper, labeler and bottle air-washing machine.

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    Neostarpack CE-certified Cappers
    28 Sep, 2018

    Neostarpack has just got the fresh CE-certification of our cappers from Europe. Our automatic packaging machines reaches the international standard. The all series of our CE-certified cappers are going to be provided the customers in Europe with higher safety reliability and high quality. It's so pleasing that we keep moving toward new milestones.

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    02 Oct, 2018

    Neostarpack sincerely invite you to come with us to join one of the largest exhibitions of packaging technology in Asia. Tokyo Pack draws all the attention from packing industries, can’t wait to be eye-opener. That’s the reason why we will be there. You are going to find it marvelous in packaging.

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    Neostarpack invites you to join us at 2018 Taipei International Bakery Show (March 15-18, 2018)
    08 Mar, 2018

    Neostarpack is going to 2018 Taipei International Bakery Show you the double-head filling machine, automatic capping machine and semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine which are suitable for sticky and thick liquid,something like honey, cream and fruit jam etc.

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    Neostarpack invites you to join us at WestPack 2018 (February 6-8, 2018)
    18 Jan, 2018

    WEST PACK 2018 - Booth 4804 February 6-8, Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA Come and see our capsule tablet counter, capper, tabletop filling & capping machine, filler and labeler in operation. You may bring product samples for testing.

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Taiwan-Based Industrial Packaging Equipment Manufacturer Since 1998 | Neostarpack Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1998, Neostarpack Co., Ltd. has been an industrial packaging machine manufacturer. Our main products, include labelers, liqiud filling machines, tablet counters, capping machines, bottle rinser machines, complete filling lines, label counters, card feeders and label dispensers, which are total packaging solutions for customers in bottling packaging machinery industry.

Neostarpack team has devoted ourselves to manufacture labeling machine, automatic filling machine, tablet capsul counter, capping machine, and other packaging machine. We offer bottle packaging solutions, help to improve production automation experience for over 20 years. We also provide professional OEM service and customized machine. We extend business domain to over than 50 countries.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries. Both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Neostarpack ensures each customer's demands are met.