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Neostarpack Counting machine Service Introduction

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Counting machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1998, in the bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality Counting machine production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Line (Counter-Cotton Inserter-Capper-Labeller)
    Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Line (Counter-Cotton Inserter-Capper-Labeller)

    The automatic nutraceutical and pharmaceutical counting and filling line mainly responds to the trend that the current society has gradually developed a tendency to passively care about the dietary intake and the figure maintenance. More and more people try to keep in shape and to balance the nutrient they need on the daily basis. In addition to ingesting the nutrients from the meals, supplementing some nutrients that are not adequately obtained in the diet is also considered. Basically, each nutrient or dietary supplement has been developed in a very mature and professional way. There are even various vitamin supplements, such like: comprehensive vitamins, Functional supplements or single-type nutrient replenishment such as lutein, iron, B12, D3, calcium, etc., Due to different nutrients have their special physical and chemical properties, so the products will be in different shapes of tablets, capsules, sugar-coated tablets and pills are presented.

  • Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line
    Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line

    Capsule counting complete line for healthy food is usually for the pharmaceutical factory and healthy food manufactory that must have to equip with. These factories mainly sell the tablets and capsules product. While packing, it need to meet the expectations for the production needs. This capsule counting machine line includes, bottle feeding machine, two capsule counting machines, automatic cap-suppling machine, cap sorting machine, automatic capper, labeling machine and collecting round table. On this whole line, the equipment and contact face that we use are all selected by food-grade ingredients, all conforming the cGMP regulations and satisfying the product standard. Besides, if you have the small scale to medium packaging needs, we can offer another line that has rinsing, counting, labeling, capping and foil sealing machine. It has the long and intact production process. We also provide customized packaging mechanical modules. According to your healthy food and capsule packaging production line, we can bring you more flexible bottle cppsule counting and packaging solutions. Mechanical construction and adjustment is relatively simple. Speaking of the maintenance, it is also easy to protect and check, helping you lower the cost.

  • Production Line with Automatic Counting, Filling, and Capping Machines (Counting Machines, Power Filling Machines, Capping Machines, and Aluminum Foil Sealers)
    Production Line with Automatic Counting, Filling, and Capping Machines (Counting Machines, Power Filling Machines, Capping Machines, and Aluminum Foil Sealers)

    The production line of pharmaceutical level equipment with automatic counting, filling, and capping machines has dual productivities of automatic counting, filling and capping machines and powder filling and capping machines. The innovation is that one production line with dual functionalities, including automatic bottle conveyors, counting machines, powder filling machines, cap sorting machines, capping machines, aluminum foil sealers and automatic bottle collecting machines.

  • Tabletop Vertical Round Bottle Wrap Around Labeling Machine
    Tabletop Vertical Round Bottle Wrap Around Labeling Machine

    The tabletop vertical round bottle wrap around labeler is the only tabletop spindle round bottle labeler on the market. We developed the first small spindle round bottle labeling machine on the market to meet different round bottle labeling production needs. It’s perfect for enterprises venturing into automated production. Its small size, versatility, and economical pricing make it a top choice for small- to mid-size manufacturers, compared to bulky, expensive industrial-size machinery. Labeling speed ranges from 15~30 pieces per minute, with a precision of ±0.5~1 mm (depending on product size and shape). It’s a great tool for increasing productivity.

  • Automatic Capsule Tablet counting machine line
    Automatic Capsule Tablet counting machine line

    Automatic capsule counting machine equipped with automatic bottle-feeding turntable that transporting the bottles to the counting machine and outfeed turntable though conveyer, reducing the repetitive workforce on placing and picking the bottle manually. Different from its tabletop, single machine, version, the turntable made this production line more efficient. Compact design makes it suitable for limited space and easy to change over for different product. Suitable for extensive fields of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, chemistry and cosmetics. Application include bottled gums, vitamin, pills, capsule, tablet, fish oil, candy…etc.

  • High Speed Automatic Capsule Counter
    High Speed Automatic Capsule Counter

    Straight feeding high speed automatic counting machines can calculate precisely tablets, capsules, pills, troches, dragées and chocolate, etc. in any types and sizes to fill them into many products. Automatic PLC controlled comprehensive location, bottle infeed, bottle splitting, counting and filling lead to efficient manpower. High speed automatic counting machines allow to have 20 sets of parameters for multiple counting productions at the same time.

  • Tabletop Tablet Counting Machine (Capsule, Pill, Tablet Counter)
    Tabletop Tablet Counting Machine (Capsule, Pill, Tablet Counter)

    Tabletop Tablet/Capsule Counter TC1000 is designed for high speed and precision quantitative counting for tablets, soft/hard capsules, and so on. The maximum output is 1000 pieces per minute. TC1000 can set figures to fill your product into containers such as bags and bottles. When operating TC1000, put your products in hopper, the vibration unit will sent them into tempered glass turntable to line up, photoelectric sensor unit will then fill the products into container precisely according to the figures been set on control panel. Tabletop Tablet/Capsule Counter is suitable for any regular pattern products when it has diameter of 6mm or above and high 3mm or above. The known product that is suitable for this counter is soft/hard capsules, tablets, chewing gums, star-shape product, pill, dragee, lozenge, troches, and etc...

  • Tabletop Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine
    Tabletop Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine

    Tabletop vibrating double-rail capsule and tablet counting machines precisely count and fill bottles by electronically automatic vibration. Tabletop double-rail counting machines are easily operated to work with simple parameter settings. Module designed tabletop double-rail counting machines are suitable to precisely count many kinds of types and sizes of tablets, capsules, tables, and flakes, troches, dragées and chocolate balls. The counting range can be set up from 1 to 9,999 pieces.

  • Fixture Rotary Counting Machine
    Fixture Rotary Counting Machine

    Fixture rotary counting machines are suitable for multiple products to count, fill, and pack. Customized fixture rotary counting machines do not only fit in pharmaceutical or food products, but also that of electronic and metal manufacturing industries. Screws, components, metal components, electronic components, buttons, capsules pills and tablets will be precisely counted and filled in to bags or bottles after setting the number of the product. The packaging methods are not restricted by the way of filling in bottles, aluminum foil bags, ziplock bags, etc.

  • High Accuracy Tablet / Capsule Counting Machine
    High Accuracy Tablet / Capsule Counting Machine

    High accuracy tablet/capsule counting machine TM4200 suits for irregular shape and regular shape of tablet and capsule counting requirement in bottles and bags. With PLC user friendly control system and touchscreen, it is easy to operate without training and adjustments to save downtime and boost productivity.

  • Tablet Capsule Counting Machine
    Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

    Neostarpack has cultivated in Taiwan with the professional 20-year experience and organization in manufacturing machines of automatic counting machines and capsule & tablet counting machines. Our high-precision detective counting machinery system is widely adopted in the industry of the Chinese and Western pharmacy, food, bio-tech & healthy food, and cosmetics, accurately counting many kinds of different shapes of soft & tough capsules, pastilles, candies, tablets, troches, and chewing gum products. The automatic counting machines provide two different ways of packaging, cans and bags. We have multiple types of counting machine series. The machinery components do not need to be switched for the simple adjustments to shorten time and increase efficiency smartly. Neostarpack’s counting machines conform cGMP regulations, such as fixture rotary counting machines embedded our exclusive industrial electronic components, economical tabletop capsule and pastille counting machines, double-rail automatic counting machines. High speed counting machines, multiple-rail counting machines, vibrating feeding machines with filling production line and counting & filling machines are integrated into automatic counting and counting machinery production lines.

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