LET’S PACK WITH NEOSTARPACK AT 2018 TOKYO PACK (OCTOBER 2-5, 2018) | Taiwan-Based Industrial Packaging Equipment Manufacturer Since 1998 | Neostarpack Co., Ltd.

neostarpackTokyo Pack 2018

neostarpackTokyo Pack 2018


Neostarpack sincerely invite you to come with us to join one of the largest exhibitions of packaging technology in Asia. Tokyo Pack draws all the attention from packing industries, can’t wait to be eye-opener. That’s the reason why we will be there. You are going to find it marvelous in packaging.

02 Oct, 2018 Neostarpack

We are going to show you our compact filling capping labeling production line, the semi-auto production line and our tabletop counting and labeling machines. We’ll provide you the whole packaging solution from filling, capping, counting to labeling. Come find us. We will be staying at the stand 5-T19 by anytime.

Exhibition Details
  • Exhibition Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight"
  • Date: October 2 (Tue.) - 5 (Fri), 2018
  • Show Times: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Location booth: 5-T19


Compact filling capping labeling production line
Compact filling capping labeling production lineCompact filling capping labeling production line
Neostarpack’s Compact filling, capping, and labeling line provides a space- efficient solution for extensive range of industries, including food, pharmaceutical and chemical. Its detachable filling station satisfies filling needs across different levels of viscosity. Furthermore, its optional automatic cap feeder helps to bring in a fully automatic line through a compact design. Overall, Neostarpack’s compact filling, capping and labeling line is your best solution to your small to medium volume production needs.
Semi-automatic filler capper production line
automatic filler capper production lineSemi-automatic filler capper production line
Semi-automatic filler capper production line includes filling, capping and labeling machine. It’s the best solution of automatic filling line for flexible small scale production. With integration of filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine, it provides consistent action without down time and reduces operator's injury. Just one machine can satisfy all your needs in production.
Semi-Automatic Piston Pump Filling Machine
Machinery: FP-2000
Automatic Piston Pump Filling MachineSemi-Automatic Piston Pump Filling Machine FP-2000
Semi-automatic piston pump filler satisfies the filling needs in various industries, including food, cosmetics and chemical, etc. Its vertical design provides great space efficiency. Its quick release design of the piston cylinder helps to meet requirements of different filling volumes. Semi-automatic piston pump filler is with the filling needs of liquids of high viscosity.
Tabletop Semi-Auto Screw Cap Capper
Machinery: CS-1000
Tabletop Semi-Auto Screw Cap CapperTabletop Semi-Auto Screw Cap Capper CS-1000
Semi-auto screw cap capper is designed to handle screw caps in general. Its compact and hand held design provides space efficiency and mobility. Tabletop semi-auto capper is also with rubber base pad to minimize cap damage and the torque duration is adjustable. The height for capping units can be adjusted by using hand wheel. Besides, it can be used in both foot pedal and hand held design depends on the purposes for different production line.
Tabletop Tablet / Capsule Counter
Machinery: TC-1000
Tabletop Tablet/Capsule CounterTabletop Tablet / Capsule Counter TC-1000
Tablet / capsule counter is applicable for various tablets, pills, and coated capsules. Capsule counter can be filled in plastic bags and bottles to meet different industries needs. Its counting speed is adjustable, and equipped with dust accumulating device for smooth and efficient counting. Its Dual chutes is for feeding continually.

LET’S PACK WITH NEOSTARPACK AT 2018 TOKYO PACK (OCTOBER 2-5, 2018) | Taiwan-Based Industrial Packaging Equipment Manufacturer Since 1998 | Neostarpack Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1998, Neostarpack Co., Ltd. has been an industrial packaging machine manufacturer. Our main products, include labelers, liqiud filling machines, tablet counters, capping machines, bottle rinser machines, complete filling lines, label counters, card feeders and label dispensers, which are total packaging solutions for customers in bottling packaging machinery industry.

Neostarpack team has devoted ourselves to manufacture labeling machine, automatic filling machine, tablet capsul counter, capping machine, and other packaging machine. We offer bottle packaging solutions, help to improve production automation experience for over 20 years. We also provide professional OEM service and customized machine. We extend business domain to over than 50 countries.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries. Both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Neostarpack ensures each customer's demands are met.