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Neostarpack is a liquid filling packaging line supplier, good at filler, tablet counter, capping machine labeller and bottle rinser.


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Neostarpack Label Applicator Service Introduction

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Label Applicator supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1998, in the bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality Label Applicator production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Automatic Double-Sided Memory Card Labeler
    Automatic Double-Sided Memory Card Labeler

    The double-sided labeler is widely used in various products with flat surface. From boxes to flat products: salad boxes, paper boxes, plastic boxes, paper, aluminum foil bags, and packaging boxes for most products. This automatic double-sided memory cards labeler is specially designed for SD cards, CF cards, SIM cards and other flat products which is small and require high precision. Double-sided label applicator can do one or two separate labels on the top and bottom of each product while conveying.

  • Automatic Front and Back Labeler
    Automatic Front and Back Labeler

    Automatic Front and Back Labeler LD3000 is suitable for all kinds of bottle. Such as oval shaped, square, flat, and round bottles. It can use both label applicators simultaneously or run individually.

  • Three Side Labeling Machine with Top Labeling
    Three Side Labeling Machine with Top Labeling

    Three side labeling with top labeling machine is an extremely versatile labeler of four sides labeling on various square shaped bottles. Combines corner wrap device, only one labeler with two label applicators can do top labeling and C wrap labeling at one time. Maintenance free and tool less adjustment simplify the labeling process greatly. It can surely boost productivity with less effort.

  • High Speed Front and Back Labeler
    High Speed Front and Back Labeler

    Double side labeler LD4000 is designed for 2 side labeling requirement on both round bottle and rectangular bottle. Both label applicators can run individually according to different requirements. With PLC user friendly control system, changeover is easy and fast.

  • Labeling Head with Stand
    Labeling Head with Stand

    Top label applicator LT2000 is a very flexible labeler which can be installed in any production line. Both top labeler or Side labeler is available for different requirement.

  • Top label applicator with conveyor
    Top label applicator with conveyor

    We offer Top Labeling Machine which suitable for many variety of goods labeling. Whether you are labeling goods, boxes, tops of jars or lay flat goods like chipboard or books, this equipment is up to the task. Suitable for medicine, food, beverage, and chemical industries. can be widely used in labeling cosmetics, food, beverage containers, etc. With its innovative design, its operation is so simple that even a primitive man can use. LT2100 Top Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling the top of square, rectangular and round object. During operation, the label is applied at a speed to match. Our experts can help you select the right top labeling equipment for your application with the best choice.

  • Automatic Side Label Applicator (with Stand)
    Automatic Side Label Applicator (with Stand)

    The stand type of LT2200 automatic side label applicator is designed for single-sided labeling applications on various products such as rectangular bottles, boxes, etc., and it can be easily connected to your existing production line to promote the productivity.

  • Automatic Top Labeling Machine
    Automatic Top Labeling Machine

    Automatic top labeling machine LT3000 is suitable for flat products such as plastic boxes, DDR, note book, aluminum foil bags, etc.

  • Automatic Top Labeler
    Automatic Top Labeler

    The automatic top labeler LT4000 can continuously and accurately label a large number of labels. It is suitable for all kinds of flat-surfaced, side or top of products, such as boxes, cartons, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, paper bags, medicines, cosmetics, skin care products, egg boxes, food, Agricultural products, gift boxes, circuit boards, memory card, industrial batteries, wet tissues, contact lens cases, etc. Top labeller LT4000 has the advantages of high productivity and low manpower requirements. Depending on the size of the product and the label, it can label 40 to 80 pcs per minute. The high-performance stepping motor achieves precise positioning and labeling in a short time, and the signal conveys the precise angle and speed. The programmable controller executes the labeler’s full automation and digital logic to achieve the synchronous operation performance of the mechanism, and uses a microcontroller to achieve high stability and high precision.

  • Automatic Two Sides Labeling Machine
    Automatic Two Sides Labeling Machine

    Automatic two sides labeling machine LT4252 with two label applicators on one conveyor. Automatic top labeler LT4252 can be widely used in flat products, such as plastic bags, DDR, aluminum foil, etc. It can meet high production.

  • Wrapping Around Labeler
    Wrapping Around Labeler

    Wrapping around labeling machine LR2300 compact design with high mobility for labeling round containers with half circle, 3/4 circle or completely wrap around to meet round bottle labeling requirements with high efficiency.

  • Horizontal Round Labeler with Side Applicator
    Horizontal Round Labeler with Side Applicator

    LR460S Horizontal wrap around labeler plus tamp labeler is built for cosmetic products like lipstick or other cylindrical product labeling requirement. Equipped with tamp label applicator, it can attach label on the lateral. Moreover, the medical class conveyor makes it also suits for pharmaceutical industry like vials and ampoules.

  • Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two label applicator)
    Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two label applicator)

    Tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 is designed specifically to fulfill labeling tasks with high precision and efficiency. It is the first small-sized two-sided labeler with two labeling heads on the market. Its labeling heads can be synchronized together to provide service. Such feature enables tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 to apply two labels, of different sizes, to two different targeted position in one single process. Unlike traditional labelers that require you to repeatedly feed products to apply labels on both sides, all that two-sided labeler needs is putting the labeling products on its conveyor belts. This way, tabletop two-sided labeling machine not only greatly improves your productivity but also significantly saves your labor costs.

  • Tabletop Automatic Top Labeler
    Tabletop Automatic Top Labeler

    The Tabletop automatic top labeler LT1000 is an economic, budget friendly piece of machinery that is compact and sturdy. It not only performs with delicate precision, but does so for all the products that it is called upon to label. It is very user-friendly, as the control panel and visible height parameters make it easy to switch between labels and products without having to use tools or switch out parts. By reducing the time needed to switch, the machine helps avoid loss of valuable production time, and with its small size, it helps save work space as well.

  • Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler
    Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler

    LR110A Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. It suits for small production.

  • Label Applicator
    Label Applicator

    Label applicator LA1000 can be used in round bottle labeling, side labeling or top labeling.

  • Top Label Applicator
    Top Label Applicator

    Top label applicator LA1100 can be used in flat products , such as boxes, DDR, aluminum foil bags,etc.

  • Automatic Liquid Filling Line
    Automatic Liquid Filling Line

    Automatic Liquid Filling Line is built up with an auto bottle feeder, a 4-nozzle gear pump filler, a ROPP cap capper with auto-cap-feeder, a round labeler with neck label applicator, and a collecting tray, applying in food, beverage, chemical and other industries. The direction of the production line is from right to left, and it can also be customized to opposite direction.

  • Label Applicator
    Label Applicator

    The label applicator from Neostarpack is very flexible for different products. It can be installed with conveyors, vertical packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines and can replace other label applicators.Label applicators for different production lines. It is a great breakthrough to economize on customers’ cost.

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