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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line


Capsule counting complete line for healthy food is usually for the pharmaceutical factory and healthy food manufactory that must have to equip with. These factories mainly sell the tablets and capsules product. While packing, it need to meet the expectations for the production needs. This capsule counting machine line includes, bottle feeding machine, two capsule counting machines, automatic cap-suppling machine, cap sorting machine, automatic capper, labeling machine and collecting round table. On this whole line, the equipment and contact face that we use are all selected by food-grade ingredients, all conforming the cGMP regulations and satisfying the product standard. Besides, if you have the small scale to medium packaging needs, we can offer another line that has rinsing, counting, labeling, capping and foil sealing machine. It has the long and intact production process. We also provide customized packaging mechanical modules. According to your healthy food and capsule packaging production line, we can bring you more flexible bottle cppsule counting and packaging solutions. Mechanical construction and adjustment is relatively simple. Speaking of the maintenance, it is also easy to protect and check, helping you lower the cost.

Tablet counting and packaging machine,Tablet/capsule bottle counting capping packaging machine

Capsule counting packaging machine for the dietary supplement and nutrient food, it can share different types of bottles and production.

Bottle capsule counting machine line is widely applied in caplets, hard capsules, soft capsules, lozenge, dietary supplement, troches, gums, tablets, different types of caplets, chocolate balls and candies, which can usually use in solids product to count and fill. It is suitable for various type of materials packaging. Also, capsule tablet bottle packaging line is applicable to pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, biotech, food industries for production. Automatic counting and capping production is loaded the supplies to count, through sensor to detect the accurate numbers, then filling to the containers. Touchscreen setup and adjustment are easily to operate. Only need one person to control and operate at the same time. Two vibratory counting machines can both quickly count the numbers. Besides, nutraceutical bottle packaging line can adjust production process base on your product. It can also improve the efficiency. Special cap-feeding and cap-sealing machine apply lots of different caps and bottles to product, increasing filling and counting machine promotion and making the most of its production value.


1. Double-rail capsule can be stably separated and quickly counting is fast and accurate.
2. High-precision counting function, accurate 100%
3. Double-rail delivering design, making two counters produce simultaneously and constantly. No need to wait for the delivering, and it is efficiently promoting production.
4. Automatic cap-feeding and sorting machine save the high workforce needs and substantially decrease labors.
5. Capsule counter synchronized control system, which can put the caps precisely on the bottles after the filling process.
6. Capping machine use variable AC motor to drive, it can easily adjust production depending on products at any time.
7. According to the labels and bottle specification, labeling can reach the 13meters per minute.
8. Labels can easily stick on the bottles.
9. Changing the items or figures can directly use touchscreen to set up, no need the adjustment construction.
10. Frond-end automatic feeding machine and back-end automatic collecting round platform make production speed up and lower the labor cost.
11. Counting machine line is humanistic and simple-to-use, you don’t need the trivially set or adjust.
12. Machines are equipped with the hand wheels, filling heads, capping heads and labeling head which can easily adjust the heights.
13. Capsule counting machine is equipped with multiple memorizing parameters function, which can memorize and retrieve each bottle’s setup parameter, so you can change the line fast and easily.
14. We Select the famous optical fiber sensor to detect, and it has sensible and high accuracy, avoiding false rate.
15. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, biotech, dietary supplement and food industries for counting and filling packaging.
16. Two hoppers can load much more products, through vibrating, it precisely detect the numbers then putting into the containers.
17. Touchscreen can adjust number and production, accurately distributing your products into each bottle.
18. Multi-speed motor-driven conveyor can adjust the best production speed.
19. All machine is controlled by the PLC which can hold the production schedule anytime.
20. No materials alarm reminding, it takes effective control and it can immediately supply the materials.
21. With smart equipment, the machine could stop filling and capping if there are no caps and bottles.
22. Mechanical construction is easy to remove and take apart, modules are easily to maintain clean.
23. Capsule bottle packaging line is made by stainless steel and aluminum alloy, strong frame, durable and enduring.
24. Product surface area is food-grade and conform the cGMP regulations.
25. Optional bottleneck adopts aluminum foil sealer that make sure the integrity of sealing.
26. Actively detecting caps and bottles, no bottles no filling and no caps no capping.
27. Every machine is equipped with adjustable pedestal foot and movable wheels, which can slightly adjust height and convenient for moving.


Capsule counter
Product size: (Dia.) 2~40mm (H) 2mm at least
Counting speed: 1200-2000pcs/min
Accuracy: 100%
Dimension:(L) 2000mm(W) 1000mm(H) 1500mm
Weight: 380KGS

Capping machine
Cap types: General screw caps, plastic caps and round caps
Cap diameter: 25-55mm
Capping speed: 30-35BPM (depends on the bottle and cap type)
Dimension: (L) 1500mm(W) 1000mm(H) 1300mm
Weight: 450 KG

Round bottle labeling machine
Bottle shape:Round bottles or Round cans
Label type:Non-transparent labels
Label size:(W) max. 100mm (L) max. 300mm
Label roll diameter:(inner) 75mm(outer) 300mm
Dimension:(L) 2000mm(W) 1800mm(H) 1100mm
Power and Air pressure
Power: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
Air: 90PSI/2CFM

Capping machine

Option Accessories
  • Safety door
  • Cap sealing machine
  • Detection system and rejection device
  • Hot stamping machine
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automatic counting and bottles line

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