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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in bottling packaging machinery industry. Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality labeler, liqiud filling machine, tablet counter, capper, bottle rinser machine, complete filling line, label counter, card feeder, label dispenser since 1998. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Frequently Asked Question:

Filling and packaging equipment product application
Various questions and applications about filling machine, labeling machine, capsule & tablet counting machine, capping machine, bottle washing machine, label counter, bag or friction feeder and filling packaging equipment production line, etc.
The packaging machine is applicable to your products, including a variety of common usage problems, through the product application and common knowledge to provide you with solutions.

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  • 1. Can filling machines be used to fill oil products?

    Yes, all kinds of oil products are suitable for our FG series filling machines, General oil products can usually be classified according to the application of oil products: 1. Edible oil: olive oil, canola oil, bitter tea oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, roasted ghee, grape seed oil, balsam, blending oil, brown rice oil and linseed oil. 2. Industrial oil: engine oil, lubricant, gear oil, rust preventive oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, recycle oil, compressor oil, heat transfer oil and spindle oil. 3. Beauty products: Oil treatment, essence, lanolin, makeup remover, essential oils, soothing oils and mineral oils. 4. Medicines and health products: Vitamin D3 drops, vitamin E, liquid fish oil. All the above oils can be filled with our FG series filling machines.

  • 2. If I have a wide variety of oil types, can I use the same filling machine? What should I pay attention to when using it?

    Yes, oils with the same properties can be produced by sharing the same filling machine. It is recommended that when using the same filling machine, parts of the pipeline can be purchased with new filling tubes. When changing the products, the pump needs to be fully washed and replaces with a new set of filling tube to ensure that the product does not cross-contaminate when it is filled.

  • 3. Some oils have higher viscosity. Will it be prone to sag when filling with a filling machine?

    Each kind of oil has different characteristics. Our filling machine provides a non -return solution for products with high viscosity. We suggest that you can provide samples for us to test to see the actual filling effect.

  • 4. If the liquid product needs to be filtered before filling, does the filling machine have the function of filtration?

    For products that need to be filled after filtration, it is generally recommended to set up a coated filter in front of the suction tube then you can start filling.

  • 5. Can your filling machine be filled with beer?

    Our filling machines are currently filled with liquids without gas. Beer, sparkling water and carbonated drinks have too much internal gas and with a lot of foaming. It is not suitable for our existing conventional filling machines. The filling machine suits for the liquid with more gas needs to be customized.

  • 6. Can normal temperature syrups or similar fructose products can apply to the filling machine?

    Yes, general fructose syrup, vanilla syrup, caramel syrup or brown sugar syrup products can be selected from the gear type FG series liquid filling machine:

  • 7. If we need to fill food product, does the material of the filling machine meet the food grade specifications?

    Yes, the filling tubes of our filling machines are all food grade certified. While filling liquids, the filling tubes are made of stainless steel 304 or 316 stainless steel with strong acid resistance, depending on your product.

  • 8. Products like facial creams, moisture creams or sun creams which is poor fluidity, can they use the filling machine to produce?

    Yes, there are many types of cosmetic cream products, such as, body creams, hand creams, facial creams, etc., because the composition ratio of the products is different, the liquidity also has the difference, it is recommended that you provide your products. We can help you to test the products. We will suggest you a filling machine based on your product characteristics and fluidity. If you have special requirements, we can also create a customized model for you.

  • 9. Can we fill the chili sauce with filling machine?

    Yes, we have a filling machine that can be applied to fill sauce products: salad dressing, chili sauce, mustard sauce, sweet chili sauce, sweet sauce, ketchup, orange marmalade, jam and sesame sauce. The above sauce products can use our FP series filling machine:

  • 10. If a porridge or oatmeal product wants to be filled, what type of filling machine would you recommend?

    If the simple porridge or oatmeal does not contain other solid ingredients, the porridge can be divided into two different types.1. More porridge with more water. 2. Cooked thicker porridge with sticky granules and thick oatmeal, it is usually recommended to use a pneumatic liquid filling machine, only some rice with porridge during filling process, it will be crushed. It is recommended that the thinner porridge can be considered separately from the filling of the liquid and the filling of the rice. The high viscosity of the porridge will be filled once. The consistency of the congee will vary depending on the cooking method, but it is recommended that you provide samples, which we can find the filling equipment that best fitting your product for your actual test filling.

  • 11. What if the liquid is hard to flow, which way would you to fill this kind of products?

    For liquid products that are not easy to flow. First, we need to know the characteristics of products. If the quality of products would not be affected while heating. Heating can also increase the flowability of liquids. We suggest that it can heat slightly while filling. For those who still can’t increase the flowing speed while heating or not suitable for heating. We can add the pressurizing mechanism to increase the filling fluently.

  • 12. Is there any inaccurate filling in the piston filling machine? Under what circumstances will the filling be inaccurate?

    When the piston filling machine is not accurate, it may be caused by the following reasons: (1) While using filling tubes, the air in the tube may not completely emptied. Accurate filling can be achieved by simply resetting when air exhausting in the tube. (2) It may be that the total pressure is unstable. Please check the pressure stability of the air compressor and whether the air storage capacity of the air reservoir is sufficient to supply the filling machine. (3) The operation of the on-off valve is not complete. If the valve of the filling machine is stuck with foreign materials and the switch is not completely switched, please remove the foreign materials before filling it.

  • 13. If the products need to be directly filled after heating, is there a heat preservation type filling machine?

    Yes. Normally, liquids products which need heating, we will suggest to optionally equipped with warm keeping hopper. Which can protect the liquids from losing temperature during the filling process.

  • 14. If the liquid product itself has a high viscosity and which needs to be stirred before filling. Can the filling machine be equipped with a stirring mechanism?

    For thick or viscous liquids that need to be filled with agitation, we have an optional mixing hopper or bucket to match the various types of filling machines to meet the needs of liquid product filling and packaging products that require mixing and stirring.

  • 15. If the product itself has a foaming property while filling, how can it avoid foaming during the process?

    Some products are prone to foam while filling with the characteristics of the solution. Commonly seen on the market, lotion, soy sauce, glass cleanser and various cleaning solutions. When recommending the type of filling machine, we recommend that customers provide samples for testing, even for the same type. The cleaning agent will also have different formulas from each customer, and the foaming condition will be different while filling. The sample is to help you find the fitting model to reduce the incidence of foam during filling. Our filling machines, whether it is a small desktop filling machine or an automatic filling machine, which can be both lurked according to the customer's product characteristics and production requirements. The customized filling and lifting module can be used to reduce the bubbling of the product. Or one can use subsurface filling to smooth the situation of foaming.

  • 16. Can juice or beverages be produced by automatic filling? If the juice contains pulps, is there a suitable filling machine?

    Yes, the juice can be generally divided into pure liquid juice without particles and juice containing fruit. The pure liquid juice without pulps can use the general filling machine which is same as the normal liquid filling machine. As long as it is set up with fixed filling volume, it can be started immediately after starting up. There is also a kind of juice containing fruit pulps in the market. This type of juice will have differences when using the filling machine because of the different fruit pieces produced by each manufacturer. It is generally recommended that customers provide their juice samples. For the filling test, we will find the most suitable juice filling machine according to the differences between the particle size of the pulps in the juice and the viscosity of the juice.

  • 17. When a liquid with a strong acid or alkali needs a lot of filling, which type of filling machine should one choose?

    Generally, strong acid or strong alkaline liquid products are commonly found in chemical industries, pesticide manufacturing plants or detergent manufacturers, etc., where special chemical or physical properties are produced. When products need to be automatically filled and mass production, we recommend customers to provide products’ material. According to the properties of the products, our engineers will select the suitable filling machine components to ensure that the products will not corrode or dissolve special materials when they flow through the filling machine pipeline or when used for a long time, and also maintain the stability of the production. It is recommended to use our FL series filling machine when filling liquid with strong acid and alkali. This series filling machine is filled with self-flow mode, mainly the FL series filling machine mechanism is much simpler than other series filler, which having less parts directly contact with strong chemical liquid, and less replacement of consumables. If you need to replenish while filling, you need to be especially conscious of the relative position of the barrel and the filling port and the height design of the liquid level when purchasing the filling machine.

  • 18.When filling a liquid product, what happens if the pump motor of the filling machine cannot pump the material? How can we deal with it?

    If the pump motor of the filling machine does not work while filling the liquid, it is mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. First, checking the wire circuit of the filling machine from the motor to the inverter and confirming whether the inverter is operating normally. 2. Check if the plug of the filling machine is loose, which may cause the pump motor to be unfunctional. 3. Whether the cleaning is not immediately cleaned after production, causing the last filling of the material stick to the filling tube during the next production. 4. While changing the different filling materials, it is necessary to confirm whether the specification of the liquid material conforms to the filling liquid suitable for the type of filling machine originally purchased. If the filling machine is originally used for the thinner liquid, and you change it to fill the sticky liquid product. There will be a jam or a situation in which it is impossible to draw. After the above inspection steps are confirmed, if the problem has not been improved, it is recommended to record the status of the production at the time, or provide a film of the production operation of the equipment, we will be able to judge the problem point and provide the corresponding solution.

  • 19. If the desktop piston filling machine originally had only one filling head, could it be changed to a filling machine with two filling heads to increase production efficiency?

    No, if you want to increase the filling head in the filling machine of the original filling head, the capacity of the filling machine cannot be achieved accurately. The main reason is that the accuracy of the filling machine is controlled by a single pneumatic cylinder. If the original one filling head is changed to two filling heads to fill the product, only the filling head is added, but there is still only one pneumatic cylinder. Therefore, the total filling volume of the two products is still stable and accurate when the two filling heads are simultaneously produced. However, the accuracy of the two products filled through the two filling heads is not accurate. Therefore, if there is a need for double-head filling or multi-head filling, it is recommended to purchase a double-head filling machine or a multi-head filling machine, and it is possible to fill a variety of products at the same time and maintain the quality and precision of product filling.

  • 20. If you have three products, toner, lotion and water, can you share the same filling machine?

    Not necessarily, because the types of filling machines on the market are very diverse, and the types of products used are not the same. When selecting a filling machine suitable for the product, the type and characteristics of the liquid must be taken into consideration. Different liquids need to use different filling machines. In order to achieve accurate and time-saving automatic filling production, the above three liquid characteristics are quite different, and it is usually recommended to use different types of filling machines for production.

  • 21. If my product is water or a liquid similar in characteristics to water, the container is a glass bottle. Which type of filling machine is suitable?

    When the liquid product is filled and packaged, in addition to the characteristics and types of the liquid itself, which will affect the choice of the filling machine, the material of the bottle can also be considered as one of the conditions, which is the biggest difference in liquid filling caused by the glass bottle. The bottle is made by blowing, no matter the material of the glass and the molding, etc. Which will affect the tolerance of the finished bottle. The machine can remain same capacity when filling the liquid, but the tolerance of finished product indeed results in visually different liquid heights, which often causes the user to mistakenly think that the filling machine has a precision problem. In fact, this is because the accuracy of the bottle can be easily caused by the visual difference. And our same liquid level filling machine can solve the problem caused by the uneven thickness of the glass bottle. We do not use the same filling amount to guide the filling, but fill the liquid with the same water level, which can help you solve the problem. The problem of uneven quality of the bottler also makes the appearance of the finished product consistent, which will not cause consumers to misunderstand the problem of inconsistent capacity. The filling machine of same liquid level(overflow) is also often used in wine, soy sauce or vinegar.

  • 22. If the liquid needs to be sterilized during the filling process, can a sterilization device be added to the filling line?

    Generally, the overall filling and packaging production line will be planned according to the conditions required for the filling of the product. If the liquid needs to be filled with hot filling (liquid filling temperature is higher than 70 ° C), usually the temperature is higher than 70 ° C, you don’t need to set up the sterilization process, where most bacteria have been eliminated. If the temperature is lower than 70 ° C when the product is filled or the customer needs to add a sterilization procedure to the filling and packaging process, we can use the autoclave sterilizer equipment to achieve the purpose of sterilization after the product is filled and sealed. In the process of sterilization, the sterilization kettle will be carried out in a stable heating mode. The appearance of the product will not be affected by the deformation of the steam jet and the interior of the liquid product will also be made due to the stable pressurization and heating mode of the sterilization equipment. The internal and external pressures reach a state of equilibrium, which completes the bactericidal effect, while the product appearance and packaging can remain intact.

  • 23. If you want to stick the sticker to the salad box, you need to stick a sticker on the top and bottom of the box. Which labeling machine is suitable for automatic labeling of this type of product?

    For salad boxes that require two labels, because the salad box lid itself is not flat and the lid has a groove, we recommend the upper and lower double-sided tamp labeling machine for this type of product instead of the standard double-sided labeler. The upper and lower labeling machine, the double-sided upper and lower tamp type labeling machine is mainly designed for special shape containers and needs to be used when two labels are attached at the same time. As long as you place the entire roll of label on the labeling machine and the lower spool disc, the salad box is transported by the conveyor belt, and after the label is sucked through the labeling head, the object and the labeling position are accurately detected by the sensor. It can achieve the accuracy of simultaneously attaching the label above the box and the bottom of the box, saving labeling time. Double-sided tamp-type labeling machine, whether it is flat, concave or convex, can be easily fitted. Such as salad boxes, biscuit boxes, crispers, etc., all can be labeled, a wide range of usage.

  • 24. When there are two different materials for round labeling machine glass bottles and plastic bottles, what is the difference between these two bottles while labeling? What should I pay attention to?

    Basically, our round bottle labeling machine works very well for actual round containers. The label is attached to the position accurately and compliant. Generally, the plastic round bottle should be focused when it is labeled. If the bottle material is too soft, when the plastic is produced. When the round bottle blowing molding time and precision are not good or the plastic material of the bottle is not good, it will affect the positional accuracy of the labeling. Even if the bottle material is too thin, the label will wrinkle when it is attached. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose too soft when purchasing plastic bottles. When buying a bottle or measuring whether the bottle is a round bottle, you can directly roll the bottle on the glass table and test it to see the bottle and the gap between the glass and table. Then, you can see the level surface of the bottle. When the round labeling machine is attached to the glass bottle, if the glass bottle of the true round bottle is attached with high precision, the glass bottle which is produced by the blowing method is often seen, because the thickness of the bottle would be different by blowing out. The thickness is different, which will cause errors or offsets in labeling. When you can't judge whether the bottle is a round bottle, it is recommended to observe the round bottle on the table and observe the gap between the table and the glass bottle to judge the roundness of the bottle, and also understand the glass bottle through the light refraction. Whether it is a true round bottle. What if I have used a glass jar that is not a true round bottle and I can't change the bottle? It is recommended to change from making the label sticker. The size of the sticker should not be too long, because the difference in the shape of the bottle itself will make the sticker stick less skewed, and the overall appearance will be more beautiful.

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