1. Can filling machines be used to fill oil products?

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Neostarpack 1. Can filling machines be used to fill oil products? Introduction

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1. Can filling machines be used to fill oil products?

Two nozzles bottle filling machine
Two nozzles bottle filling machine

Yes, all kinds of oil products are suitable for our FG series filling machines,
General oil products can usually be classified according to the application of oil products:
1. Edible oil: olive oil, canola oil, bitter tea oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, roasted ghee, grape seed oil, balsam, blending oil, brown rice oil and linseed oil.
2. Industrial oil: engine oil, lubricant, gear oil, rust preventive oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, recycle oil, compressor oil, heat transfer oil and spindle oil.
3. Beauty products: Oil treatment, essence, lanolin, makeup remover, essential oils, soothing oils and mineral oils.
4. Medicines and health products: Vitamin D3 drops, vitamin E, liquid fish oil.
All the above oils can be filled with our FG series filling machines.

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