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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Tabletop Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Tabletop Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler


The small-sized horizontal round bottle labeler, which is designed to be used in small production space. There are different kinds of bottles, like slender bottles, small diameter bottles and long bottles that couldn’t stand well. Tabletop horizontal round bottle labeling machine can provide more accurate labeling way. With positioning labeling, stickers are not easy to deviate. Also, when changing product stickers, it is easily to adjust and no need to replace parts. The operator doesn’t spend much time to learn this machine. Tabletop horizontal round bottle labeler can share different kinds of size round container’s stickers. It is suitable for various slender round cylinder stickers, and product won’t be limited by material, such as lipstick, test tube, pencil, syringe, ampoule bottle, vial, battery, filter and small round bottle etc. No matter is half-wraparound, full wraparound or partially overlapping, all can be applicable for the products. It can be applied to the industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, biotech, technical, technology and chemical.

Semi-auto horizontal round labeling machine

The smallest dimension tabletop horizontal round labeler with high accuracy, which is given over to label mini slender round bottles.

In respect that the current market has only produced automatic horizontal round labeler, we devoted to developing a small, space less one for who specialized in small capacity production line. Such space-efficient feature makes it the best solution for enterprises having only limited workplace. Tabletop horizontal round labeler has higher accuracy that could label those bottles which need to keep flatwise. Besides, you could combine optional equipment as you want for promoting productivity, such as feeder, collecting rotary table, and date coding machine. We also have automatic labeling machine that suitable for higher production, for example, automatic horizontal round bottle labeler LR3600, LR4600 and multiple types of labeling machine.


1. Small-sized horizontal round bottle labeler comes in small size, space-saving, and can operate on the table.
2. It is easy to operate, just pressing the bottom then it can start operating.
3. High steady labeling, labels and products can match smoothly.
4. Different kinds of labels setting parameter, it adds flexibility of machine application.
5. Exclusive positioning device for the bottle, improving labeling accuracy.
6. The small diameter round bottle could be labeled for one complete circle through contact rollers continuously rolling.
7. It has adjustable labeling speed and can be fitted depending on your production.
8. Control buttons can integrate in the control box together and is easy to adjust.
9. It is suitable for the non-transparent, anti-forgery, bar-code labels.
10. Additional construction: date coding machine and collecting rotary table, they can improve the production.
11. It is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to disassemble the machine. Light and time-saving.
12. Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for frame construction. More durable and solid.

  • Labeling speed: 4 meters/min
  • Labeling accuracy: +/- 0.5mm
  • Label size: (Min.) W 10mm x L 10mm (Max.) W 100mm x L 300mmLabeling speed: 4 meters/min
  • Labeling accuracy: +/- 0.5mm
  • Label size: (Min.) W 10mm x L 10mm (Max.) W 100mm x L 300mm
  • Label reel: inner diameter 75mm / Outer Diameter 300mm
  • Tube diameter: 10-90mm
  • Power: 110 or 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1P
  • Air pressure requirement: 2.5 kg/cm2
  • Dimension: (L) 675mm x (W) 490mm x (H) 575mm
  • Motor: stepper motor
Option Accessories
  • Automatic feeder
  • Collecting rotary table
  • Date coding machine
  • Air compressor
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Small diameter round bottle labeling machine

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