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Tabletop Labeling Machine / Neostarpack is a liquid filling packaging line supplier, good at filler, tablet counter, capping machine labeller and bottle rinser.


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Neostarpack's Tabletop Labeler | Packaging Equipment and Line

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Tabletop Labeler | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Tabletop Labeler

Tabletop Labeling Machine

Tabletop Labeler
Tabletop Labeler

Neostarpack offers the best solutions to your labeling needs; especially to the needs of enterprises whose scale of production is at the small or medium level. We offer planning services to integrate our machines into your production lines to optimize your productivity. Our labeling machines are applicable to the bottles of various products, including food, pharmaceutical, bio-technological, cosmetic, electronic and chemical products.
Our tabletop labeling machines- including round-bottle labelers, top labelers, semi-automatic labelers and two-side lablers - come in small sizes and are thus space-efficient. They can be combined with filling and capping machines to become a small semi-automatic production line, which can fulfill the task of filling, capping and labeling in one single process.
Neostarpack’s desktop automatic labeling machines are your best choice to optimize your line. We look forward to providing you with our full-package bottling solutions through them.

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  • Automatic Small Bottles Filling Capping Labeling Line (Including Cap Placing Machine)
    Automatic Small Bottles Filling Capping Labeling Line (Including Cap Placing Machine)

    Who says that automatic filling and packaging equipment can only choose large equipment? Neostarpack will dispel the myth that automatic filling production line is only for the large machines. It is often seen that when customers purchase automatic filling machines for bottles, they find that it is usually only the medium and large filling machines has the scale of automatic production lines. However, many customers have been confined to the limited production space, such as: high-level pharmaceutical preparations, laboratories, initial stage development of new products or medium-sized capacity requirements. We have designed an automatic small bottles filling capping labeling production line that combines the functions of filling, cap placing, capping, labeling and coding into it. It is very suitable for those who do not need high-speed mass production and only need small and medium-sized production capacity to meet the production needs. This compact filling production line has the automatic cap placing machine which is usually equipped for the large automatic filling production line. Moreover, it can also provide the output of up to 550~900 bottles per hour (It differs from product characteristics and the bottles)

  • Tabletop Vertical Round Bottle Wrap Around Labeling Machine
    Tabletop Vertical Round Bottle Wrap Around Labeling Machine

    The tabletop vertical round bottle wrap around labeler is the only tabletop spindle round bottle labeler on the market. We developed the first small spindle round bottle labeling machine on the market to meet different round bottle labeling production needs. It’s perfect for enterprises venturing into automated production. Its small size, versatility, and economical pricing make it a top choice for small- to mid-size manufacturers, compared to bulky, expensive industrial-size machinery. Labeling speed ranges from 15~30 pieces per minute, with a precision of ±0.5~1 mm (depending on product size and shape). It’s a great tool for increasing productivity.

  • Tabletop Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler
    Tabletop Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler

    The small-sized horizontal round bottle labeler, which is designed to be used in small production space. There are different kinds of bottles, like slender bottles, small diameter bottles and long bottles that couldn’t stand well. Tabletop horizontal round bottle labeling machine can provide more accurate labeling way. With positioning labeling, stickers are not easy to deviate. Also, when changing product stickers, it is easily to adjust and no need to replace parts. The operator doesn’t spend much time to learn this machine. Tabletop horizontal round bottle labeler can share different kinds of size round container’s stickers. It is suitable for various slender round cylinder stickers, and product won’t be limited by material, such as lipstick, test tube, pencil, syringe, ampoule bottle, vial, battery, filter and small round bottle etc. No matter is half-wraparound, full wraparound or partially overlapping, all can be applicable for the products. It can be applied to the industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, biotech, technical, technology and chemical.

  • Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeller
    Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeller

    The semi-automatic round bottle labeller LR1100 is driven by advanced stepping motor that made the labeling process stable, accurate and also synchronized to the conveying speed. Round bottle labeller is equipped with knob-controlled microcomputer, providing the simple-to-operate user interface for inexperience operator, also, the sensor will detect the label and product automatically to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of labeling procedure. Tabletop round bottle labeler is suitable for Round bottles and Cylinders in both large and small volume, being able to use the label in types of fully wrap-around, half wrap-around and front-and-back. Furthermore, the tabletop labeling machine can apply to the round container that made of plastic (PE, PET, PP), glass and metal, being designed for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and chemistry industries.

  • Tabletop Wrap Around and Top Labeler
    Tabletop Wrap Around and Top Labeler

    Equipped with a round bottle labeling head and a top labeling head, wrap around and top labeling LR1300 and LT1100 tabletop labeler fulfills labeling tasks of round bottles and top label through one single process. Its greatest advantage is its capacity of carrying out the two labeling tasks within one single process. Its fixed-point round bottle labeler can either apply wrap-around or semicircle labels on a single or two sides of round bottles with high accuracy and within minimal error range. The labeling speed of tabletop wrap around and top labeler is 20-50 pcs/min, depending on your specific products or label sizes.

  • Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two label applicator)
    Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two label applicator)

    Tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 is designed specifically to fulfill labeling tasks with high precision and efficiency. It is the first small-sized two-sided labeler with two labeling heads on the market. Its labeling heads can be synchronized together to provide service. Such feature enables tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 to apply two labels, of different sizes, to two different targeted position in one single process. Unlike traditional labelers that require you to repeatedly feed products to apply labels on both sides, all that two-sided labeler needs is putting the labeling products on its conveyor belts. This way, tabletop two-sided labeling machine not only greatly improves your productivity but also significantly saves your labor costs.

  • Tabletop Top Labeler
    Tabletop Top Labeler

    Tabletop automatic labeler LT1100 is finely made and of a space efficient size, which makes it the best choice for business with only limited work space. Tabletop automatic labeler is controlled by a micro-computer with built-in parameter settings, which helps to eliminate complicated parameter settings. Such user-friendly feature allows operating staffs to pick up the operation system in a short period of time. The streamlined label reel unit installs labels toward the front, making it easy to switch label rolls, minimizing the waste of production time.

  • Tabletop Automatic Top Labeler
    Tabletop Automatic Top Labeler

    The Tabletop automatic top labeler LT1000 is an economic, budget friendly piece of machinery that is compact and sturdy. It not only performs with delicate precision, but does so for all the products that it is called upon to label. It is very user-friendly, as the control panel and visible height parameters make it easy to switch between labels and products without having to use tools or switch out parts. By reducing the time needed to switch, the machine helps avoid loss of valuable production time, and with its small size, it helps save work space as well.

  • Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling Machine
    Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    Tabletop round bottle labeling machine LR1000 is very suitable for small and medium manufacture who want to improve the quality of packaging. Round bottle labeler is controlled by a micro-computer, this labeling machine can complete high-precision labeling that is difficult to complete by manual work. The labeling is consistent, horizontal and very beautiful. LR1000 series round bottle labeller is recommended to clients with limited production space. The length of the machine is about the length of an adult's arm, so it can be used in a small space for semi-automatic production. Its space-efficient size makes it the best bottling solution for small or medium-sized business expecting moderate but versatile labeling needs. Tabletop round bottle labeling machine can be combined with an Ink jet printer / Date coder to satisfy your further production needs.

  • Top Tamp Labeler (Top Tamp Labeling Machine)
    Top Tamp Labeler (Top Tamp Labeling Machine)

    Top tamp labelers LS1200 is space-efficient. Each part of it comes in high standard. Its high quality photo-electronic sensors help to greatly improve labeling precision. Top tamp labeler LS1200 works especially great for products of high labeling precision needs, such as electronic accessories, micro-chips, cell-phone batteries, eyelash glue and pharmaceutical syrup bottles. Thus, top tamp labeling Machine provides the best labeler solutions to industries like pharmacies, cosmetics, personal care and consumer electronics.

  • Tabletop Tamp Labeler
    Tabletop Tamp Labeler

    LS1000 Tabletop tamp labeler is powered by step motors, which produce stable labeling outputs. Equipped with labeling head and conveyor, LS1000 is able to fulfill the labeling task with high accuracy. Tabletop tamp labeling machine uses pneumatic applicator to retrieve label stickers from their holders. It can easily apply labels onto different shapes of bottles, even those with unusual or concave surface or those with unusual angels, and those made of soft materials. It applies labels to bottles of wide range of products including those of electronics, food, chemical industry, biotechnology and pharmacies.

  • Tabletop fully wrap around labeler
    Tabletop fully wrap around labeler

    Tabletop fully wrap around labeler LR117A applies labels to round and cylinder bottles in general. Programmed with a microcomputer operating system, Tabletop fully wrap around labeler applies labels through parameter settings saved ahead of time; thus frees you from the troubles of complicated manual settings. Its photo-electronic eyes automatically detect the length of labels with great accuracy. Equipped with a hand-wheel system, tabletop fully wrap around labeling machine NLR-117 does not require any further tools to adjust labeling angles or heights. It is the perfect solution to small and medium-sized enterprises with only limited manpower but versatile labeling needs. It applies labels to all kinds of round bottles in all kinds of industries.

  • Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler
    Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler

    LR110A Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. It suits for small production.

  • Friction Feeder
    Friction Feeder

    The Friction feeder CF1000 is designed to be feed sheets or cards, continuously to an existing vacuum base or conveyor base. This is a very simple Friction feeder machine that takes a stack of cards or sheets and separates them into a single pitched stream onto a conveyor. Suitable for feeding general flat products from various industries such as: boxes, paper cards, cardboards, carton sleeves, Z fold leaflets, and booklets, etc. The feeder is with compact design for being moved and connected with a production line easily.

  • Automatic Card Feeding Machine
    Automatic Card Feeding Machine

    Automatic card feeding machine is designed to be feed cards, bags, or sheets continuously that takes a stack of cards or sheets and separates them into a single pitched stream onto a conveyor. An ideal feeder for any industries which need to put the instructions, tag, envelope, card, bag and so on. Compact design for being moved and connected with a production line easily. Most economical model for flat paper card and plastic bag automatic feeder.

  • Compact Filling Line (Filler/Capper/Labeler)
    Compact Filling Line (Filler/Capper/Labeler)

    Semi-automatic star wheel capper is the best solution of automatic filling line for flexible small scale production .With integration of feeding turntable, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine, it provides consistent action without down time and reduces operator's injury. Just one machine can fill all your small bottles.

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