70. What’s the even more important considered factor in addition to the price when you need to purchase the filling and labeling packaging equipment?

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Neostarpack 70. What’s the even more important considered factor in addition to the price when you need to purchase the filling and labeling packaging equipment? Introduction

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in bottling packaging machinery industry. Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality labeler, liqiud filling machine, tablet counter, capper, bottle rinser machine, complete filling line, label counter, card feeder, label dispenser since 1998. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

70. What’s the even more important considered factor in addition to the price when you need to purchase the filling and labeling packaging equipment?

We often encounter many customers asking that why the price gap between the machines sold from Neostarpack and from China varies greatly? Why the price variance can be double the price or even more for the same type of machine? For sure, these are common reactions. Most customers usually start with the price as their main considerations for the machine purchasing, but it turns out to be throwing good money after bad after all. It’s not to say that the filling and labeling machine made in China cannot be used, but the most common situation is that they are not durable. They are easily broken or damaged during a short period of time. Or there are problems with circuitry and consumables, you can neither find the parts for replacements nor the vendor to help you repair the machines. Since it may seem to be a single problem found on the face of it, but the issue might have encompassed the entire mechanism. Hence, we recommend that customers have comprehensive evaluations when choosing the filling and labeling packaging equipment.


A. To know what are the main requirements to purchase the labeling and filling equipment.
To choose the labeling and filling packaging machine, first you need to know what’s your expectation for the machines? An easy-using and durable machine? A machine with high accuracy? The capability of the vendor to solve problems? Or is there someone that we can call out to seek support for the machine operation? These all will affect the choice of the labeling and filling machine manufacturers. If it is only to cope with the production within a few months or half a year, and the precision requirements of the machine are not high, of course, you can consider the cheaper one, but you must also bear the risk of a high defect rate when the product is produced, no one can call for help when the machine fails, and unable to repair and replace the parts when the machine is worn as well. Neostarpack’s labelers and fillers are all manufactured and produced in Taiwan. Our machine solves the production needs of customers at reasonable price. Our goal is not simply to sell machines, but to design a packaging solution that meets the various needs of our customers in the bottling production, and grows with them in the process.
B. Invisible quality difference
Many customers often compare the machines produced in China with the Taiwanese machines, thinking that the two filling machines look similar, why the price of Taiwan’s is higher? The answer is simple. It depends on the goal setting of the quality. All the parts and mechanism used in the production of our filling and labeling equipment, we have strictly selected the suppliers to ensure product quality. Also the precision and quality of the materials need to be checked rigorously, for they will affect the lifespan of the machines. Inferior parts are easily damaged and broken down. To the customers who are not familiar with the machine equipment, even just one small part gets damaged, they are unable to fix it, it’s also equivalent to the whole machine being broken. Even though you know which part is broken, you may be unable to find the one with same specification for replacement as well. Next, is the accuracy of the machine. A lot of customers complain about the machine produced in China they bought made-in-China machine they bought is with unsteady production, high product defect rate, inaccurate filling accuracy, offset labeling position, and so on. You can never get the machine to be ready for production. Moreover, the service life of the machine is short, and the failure rate is high as well. Overall, the price and quality of the machines produced in Taiwan are more cost-effective and competitive. It's like a crooked ruler can't draw a straight line. Buying the right tools is the real reflection of the investment value, and the quality of the machine that needs to be used for a long time must be relatively high.
C. Satisfactory customer service and maintenance
When the customer’s machine is abnormal and the production line cannot be stopped, then, what should be done? At this time, the most feared thing is that the machine manufacturer will always tell you that the maintenance and service schedule has been full and need to wait for 1 to 2 weeks before sending someone to overhaul. However, the problem is that the maintenance schedule will always be full for the engineer to come over, or high maintenance service fees are required, which are often the biggest pain points after customers buy machines. Neostarpack has a professional customer maintenance department, with professional maintenance engineers and online customer service system to provide customers to solve production issues. We are not only the dealer selling and manufacturing the filling and labeling machinery, but hope to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers like their friends, solving problems carefully for them and creating long-term value for both sides.