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71. What is a labeler? How does a labeling machine work?

Have you noticed that most of the products on the market are labeled when you are shopping? The labels can provide a lot of information and let customers learn more about the product, such as the name, content, specification, ingredient, manufacturing date, and expiration date. With the continuous changes in packaging, labeling is no longer just a function of presenting the ingredients and specifications of a product but also provides multiple values, such as aesthetics and promotion. Do you know the correct name of these labeling machines that can automatically apply product labels? It is generally known as a labeler or labeling machine. Most products on the market today use labeling machines to achieve the automatic labeling packaging process, using automatic labeling to adopt different adhesive methods to present the product's quality and achieve the effect of increasing yield.

In order to use the labeling machine to achieve the function of auto-labeling, the primary condition is to use the self-adhesive label that meets the label applicator machine, which means it must use a whole back roll to complete the process of auto-labeling. If the self-adhesive label is printed and cut into individual pieces, it will not be able to use the automatic labelling machine and can only be done by manual labeling.

How does a labeling machine work?

When the sensor detects the product that's put on the conveyor for labeling, the label will be automatically peeled off from the back roll and applied to the product precisely after the label is released.
The automatic labeler is the machine that applies various self-adhesive labels to different products on flat surfaces, curved surfaces, bottles, cans, and various containers, which provides fast production efficiency and high-quality labeling. Moreover, it has become an indispensable helper for various industries. Various products on the market can be labeled with different types of labels to provide product marking, packaging, anti-theft, aesthetics, or enhance product value, and also highlight the characteristics of the products through the labels. Labeling machines can be widely used in food, medicine, electronic technology, chemistry, biotechnology, cosmetics and skincare products, furniture, petrochemical, OEM logistics, agricultural, and daily use chemistry industries.

Labeling machines according to the labeling method can be divided into:

  1. Top labeling machine, also called (flat surface labeling machine):

    It can apply labels on the flat or side of various materials products, such as aluminum foil bags, packaging bags, pouches, paper boxes, plastic boxes, egg cartons, cartons, credit cards, memory cards, color boxes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. There are automatic and semi-automatic labelling machines, which can be selected according to the capacity demand.

     automatic top labeling machine

     automatic top Labeller

     small top labeler

  2. Top and bottom labelling machine (front and back bottle labeling machine) :

    It can apply two labels simultaneously. For example, applying labels to the front and back or top and bottom of the container or only side labeling.

     top and bottom tamp labeling machine

     automatic front and back labeler

     high speed front and back labeler

  3. Automatic round bottle labeling machine:

    It applies labels around the round bottles and jars or cylindrical products and is only for products that need round labeling. The labeling machine can apply 1/2, 2/3, or full circle depending on the length of the label. The round bottle labeling machine category include: automatic bottle labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine (tabletop bottle labeling machine), oval bottle labeling machine, horizontal wrap-around labeling machine.

     Spindle Wraparound Round Bottle Labeler

     horizontal round bottle labeler

     semi automatic round bottle labeller

  4. Special shape labeling machine:

    C wrap labeller, tamp labeling machine, square bottle labeling machine, three-sided labeling machine, flat bottle labeling machine, tapered bottle labeling machine, syringe labeling machine, tube labeler, cable labeling machine, print and apply labeler, etc. Through different labeling machines to achieve right-angle labeling, angle labeling, square bottle three-sided labeling, multi-angle bottle wrap-around labeling, wire labeling, flat bottle double-sided labeling, curved labeling, bottleneck labeling, or unique parts of the labeling needs of the product.

     three-sided labeler

     L-shaped angle and round bottle labeling machine

     horizontal round labeler with side applicator

In addition, besides applying labels, some products also need to provide information such as date, batch number, bar code number, etc., to be printed. And labelers can equip optional date coders to achieve their requirements. The label applicator can also integrate other equipment into the production line to achieve better performance.
The sticker labeling machine has evolved with diverse labeling methods in response to the changes in various product packaging forms in the market. Such as an automatic label dispenser to help peel off the label from the back paper, a date coder with a printing function, an automatic sticker labeling machine with optical inspection, or an assembly line. Automated label applicator is suitable for various industries. It can reduce the cost of labeling, enhance the quality of products with high-precision labeling, and successfully improve the image of products and brands.

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71. What is a labeler? How does a labeling machine work? | Sold in 50 Countries High-Quality Industrial Packaging Equipment Manufacturer | Neostarpack Co., Ltd.

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