Automatic Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line for Products of Viscous Liquids


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Neostarpack's Automatic Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line for Products of Viscous Liquids | Packaging Equipment and Line

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Automatic Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line for Products of Viscous Liquids | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Automatic Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line for Products of Viscous Liquids


Automatic bottling washer filler capper line integrates automatic bottle feeder, washer, filler, cap placer, capper, round bottle labeler and automatic product collector into one production line, which unifies different stages of production into one single process. Through automatic bottling washer filler capper line, all production stages are controlled by PLC programs. Set up with an automatic pause system, the line would be fully stopped should any stage in it comes up with a problem. Such feature helps to protect the line from production overloads or product jams. Equipped with photo-electronic eyes (sensors), automatic bottling washer filler capper line detects targeted filling positions with great precision. In addition, each production unit of the line is modularized; thus makes it easy to maintain. Moreover, all the touch points between liquids and the line could be built by stainless steels; eliminating all potential sanitary issues. Bottling washer filler capper line works best with products of liquids at moderate or high temperature or those of high viscosity with no pulps or chunks in them. Examples of suitable applications include dipping sauces, salad sauces, syrups, medication in ampules, creams, shampoos, and chemical products.

(Bottle Washer/Filler/Capper/Labeler/Automatic Feeder)

Highly Efficient Automatic Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line for Products of Viscous Liquids

Automatic bottling washer filler capper line integrates automatic bottle washers, viscous liquid fillers, cappers and round bottle labelers into one production line, streamlining the manpower for your bottling needs. Bottling washer filler capper production line is the perfect solution to the products that need to be automatically filled and capped in all industries. Automatic bottling line operates in the following way: after receiving bottles from its automatic feeder, automatic bottling washer filler capper line will air wash the bottles in its two-row cleaning seats, rotating and cleaning them through 180 degrees. The washers support extensive range of bottles and cleans different sizes of bottles in one single process thoroughly by its strong pneumatic power. After bottle washing, bottling washer filler capper line automatically conveys the bottles to its automatic filler. Its filler works especially great in filling viscous liquids. Powered by piston motors and filling with multiple nozzles, the filler fulfills filling tasks with precision and efficiency. Equipped with product tanks, automatic bottling washer filler capper line can be further upgraded with our optional blender, which well stirs your filling materials before the line fills them into the bottles. After bottle filling, automatic bottling line further send the filled bottles to its cappers. The cappers, through its cap feeding unit, automatically detects, covers and screws caps; fulfilling capping tasks in one single process. After capping, bottling washer filler capper line will finish up the bottling process by labeling the capped products through its round bottle labeler. Lastly, all labeled products will be brought together in its automatic collector.

Bottling Washer Filler Capper Line:
1. The bottling line is programmed with an inter-linkage automatic pause system. When a production problem arises in one station, all stations will be automatically stopped to prevent production errors.
2. Easy operated automatic filling and capping unit; freeing you from complicated parameter setups.
3. Equipped with hand wheels for adjustment; easy to adjust the height of fillers, cappers and labelers according to desired targeted positions.
4. Modularized washer, filler, capper and labeler; customizable to build up a line that best suits your production needs.
5. Equipped with PLC programs and colored control panels; managing your parameter settings digitally.
6. Digitalized counters in PLC programs visualize production outputs with clarity.
7. Adjustable machine base with wheels; easy to adjust heights and to move around.
8. All photo-electronic eyes (sensors) are designed and manufactured by renowned manufacturers, detecting products with sharpness and accuracy; eliminating production errors.
9. All touch points between the line and products are made of materials complying with good manufacturing practice like cGMP.
10. All units are easy to disassemble; providing easy cleanup and maintenance.
11. All parts are made of stainless and aluminum alloy; comes with solidity and durability.
12. The fully integrated automatic line minimizes manual operations; fulfilling tasks of filling, capping, and labeling by only a few touches; significantly boosting your productivity.
13. Optional filling and labeling accessories available to further upgrade the line according to your needs.
Bottle Washer:
1. The pneumatically powered air washer thoroughly clean the bottles without the possibility of leaving water stains; thus guaranteeing the high quality of your product.
2. The washing unit works with bottles of various sizes; optional capping heads available to further expand the range of suitable applications.
liquid Filling Machine
1. Optional piston pumps available to upgrade your filling precision.
2. Optional material tank and blender available to fill your products without jerks.
3. Equipped with check-valves, the filling unit automatically stops filling liquid when a filling task is completed; constantly providing filling precision.
4. Programmed with multiple parameter setting saving slots; allowing pre-saved parameters according to production plans; Switching labeling products without constant change of parameter settings.
5. Equipped with motors of multiple-gears; allowing fine speed tuning to fully satisfy your production needs.
Capping Machine
1. Integrated capping unit combines cap sending and sorting into one unit; fulfilling capping tasks with ease; a great way to save labor costs.
2. Polyurethane-made capping heads provides high flexibility and durability without scratching the surface of your bottle caps.
3. Torque-controlled capping system screws the caps of your products just right without being too tight or too loose.
Labeling Machine
1. The labeling speed of the round bottle labeler reaches up to 13 meters per minute. Speed adjustable for your expected productivity.
2. The equipped roller unit presses labels to ensure cohesion.
3. Pneumatically powered gripping unit is easy to disassemble and to replace according to different sizes of your labeling bottles.


Bottle Washing Machine:

Air Washer Speed: 18 bottles/minute

Applicable Bottle Diameter: 52-66 mm

Applicable Bottle Height: Up to 360 mm

Dimension: (L) 2350 mm (W) 900 mm (H) 2160 mm

Weight: 390 kgs


Filling Speed: Up to 250 ml/second

Filling Range: Up to 2,000 ml

Filling Precision: ±0.5%

Dimension: (L) 2412 mm (W) 1020 mm (H) 2202 mm

Weight 420 kgs


Applicable cap type: standard screw caps

Capping speed: 20-25 bottles/minute

Dimension: (L) 3048 mm (W) 1020 mm (H) 2582 mm

Weight: 480 kgs

Round Bottle Labeler:

Applicable Bottles: Round Bottles

Applicable Label Type: Opaque Labels

Applicable Label Length/Width: Up to 100 mm/Up to 300 mm

Label Roll Diameter: Inside 75 mm; Outside 300 mm

Dimension: (L) 2000 mm (W) 1800 mm (H) 1100 mm

Weight: 330 kgs

Power Input: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, One Phase

Air Pressure: 90 PSI/3CFM

Option Accessories
  • 1. Servo Motor System
  • 2. Bottle Water Rinser
  • 3. Laser Imprinter
  • 4. Hot stamping coding machine
  • 5. Transparent Photo-electronic eyes (Sensors) for transparent labels
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