Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine


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Neostarpack's Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine | Packaging Equipment and Line

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine


The automatic high speed bottle washing machine can work for many types of bottles at the same time. The new generation fast flipping bottle washing machines are designed for speedy production line, breaking through the old washing mode that allowed only one row bottles into washing machines. It washes at the same time with double rows of bottles by180-degree flipping bottle washing. When the machine is washing the first row bottles, the second row is conveyed to wait for the next washing. After finishing washing the first row, the second row will be immediately washed right after the first row outfeeds. The washing speed doubles by constantly flipping and washing bottles while still conveying and locating new bottles with no time wasted. We provide bottle water rinser and bottle air rinsers for different needs of products. The gas washing machin use powerful gas to inject into the containers directly, cleaning out the dust out of the bottles. It becomes an efficient bottle air washing machine, and bottle water washing machines use pure water to rinse.

Bottle washer,8 nozzles air wash bottle rinsing machine

High Efficient Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine

The automatic high speed bottle washing machine can coordinate with the production needs to increase or decrease the number of nozzles. It can cleanse 16 bottles at most, and the size is arbitrary in the range allowed. Glass and plastic material bottles can also be washed at the same time. No machinery adjustment is needed when working with special bottle types, and they can be washed by customized fixtures. The automatic bottle washing machine is covered by a pharmaceutical grade transparent protective machinery structure, guaranteeing safely all sources of contamination during processes. It is suitable for the industries of food, pharmacy and biotech, which need production lines with high standard of bottle washing.

1. Allow different shapes of bottles at the same time, easy to locate without adjusting nozzles and simplify production process.
2. Cooperate with production needs; customized number of nozzles.
3. Multiple parameter sets, always memorize and access parameters, and no need to set up the machines again to increase the efficiency.
4. Pharmaceutical grade bottle washing machines conform cGMP standard.
5. The splitting module can work precisely to put bottles into the washing mechanism in order.
6. The automatic bottle washing machine actively drains out the dirty gas.
7. High color saturation and resolution human-machine and PLC controlled touch panel allow to type easily.
8. The interlocking system helps halt washing if any production mechanism stops.
9. The choice gripper modules with special material will not scratch the bottles.
10. The stepper motor driven conveying mechanism can adjust washing speed according to production needs.
11. Buzzers and tri-color warning lights visualize the situation of the machine to alarm operators.
12. Digital counting work smartly.
13. No need to switch the fixtures when changing over to lift up the productivity.
14. Integrated with the present production line, combining filling and capping machines can increase productivity.
15. The machine is covered by the transparent protection to make the cleaning process safe and sanitary.
16. Made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum alloy to make it endurable.
17. The washing period and production interval can be adjusted anytime in accordance with the size of bottles.
18. Combined with UV disinfecting machines, conforming the sanitizing needs of pharmaceutical and food factories.


Washing Speed

30 bottle/min

Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height Limit

No higher than 80mm

Power Requirement

110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1P

Air Pressure Requirement


Machine Size

(L) 4696mm x (W) 1392mm x (H) 1958mm

Option Accessories
  • 1. Washing Module
  • 2. Vacuum System
  • 3. UV Tunnel
  • 4. Liquid filling machine
  • 5. Capping machine
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Bottle washing machine

Air wash bottle rinsing machine

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