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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Label Dispenser With Date Printer | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Label Dispenser With Date Printer


Label dispenser with date printer has both label dispensing and date hot-stamping function, different from separate procedure in the past, the two steps (label dispensing and date/ batch coding) are all be done in the same machine frame /in the same time, and that could also shorten the time period of production and reduce manpower requirement. The label dispenser with date coding device can avoid common label wrinkle and attrition cause by man from happening; the active label dispensing process pulls the label roll out parallelly that makes the operator be able to take the label easily and paste it on any place. The automatic label dispenser with date printer device equipped with electronic control system that stabilized the dispensing speed and dispensing length, furthermore, there is active sensor which could provide precise and continuous label dispensing procedure. The date coding machine can apply to many kinds of paper, and the buyer can also select different type of carbon ribbon according to his requirement. The coder is driven by its motor so there is no other force required; The dispensing and coding procedure are being done at the same time. Label dispenser machine also can provide a single function of either dispensing or coding to meet the actual production requirement, and the machine is capable to apply on various of labels. For small labels, the machine can do dispensing parallelly, which can increase the production capacity and the scope of application.

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How to use a label dispenser with date printer for the purpose of simultaneously label dispensing and date coding?

Just put the whole label roll in the winding plate, pull out the backing paper and wrap it on the roller beneath the winding plate, and fixed the backing paper on the re-winding shaft. The used label roll will be collected automatically on the rewinding shaft, so the operator can remove the backing paper easily after production. The operator fixes the label roll on the winding and rewinding plate, adjusting the machine, setting the dispensing length, manipulating the coding date/ batch/ weight, then turn the power on, and the machine is ready to work. The label dispenser machine will print the numbers and alphabets you want on the label before dispensing it, and the coding position also can be adjusted. The label can be pasted on any place you want; after detecting the label being taken away, the label dispenser with date printer will peel the next label and make the production uninterrupted.


1. The date-coding label dispenser is small in volume and space-saving; it’s simple for the operator to move it to any working place.
2. Equipped with temperature controlling system, label dispenser is always stable.
3. With the rewinding function which provides the fluent and neat dispensing, the operator can replace the paper roll directly after production.
4. Can apply to small-to-medium scale production; provide variety in production.
5. With the production amount counting function, the operator can monitor the capacity easily.
6. The Precise detecting sensor provide the accurate label dispensing process.
7. Equipped with electronic control system that can adjust coding speed, dispensing speed and the coding position/ direction.
8. Simple paper roll winding and rewinding.
9. The coding area is movable because the printer is set on the machine.
10. Compact coding head. The coding front and line are changeable.
11. Coding range from 1 to 3 lines. Can be adjusted according to your requirement.
12. The Simple ribbon winding design making it easy to change the spare parts.
13. Easy carbon ribbon wrapping design for quick ribbon changing.
14. Stable electronic system provides the long-term, high stability of the production,

  • Coding area: 1-3 lines, 1-14 alphabets for each line.
  • Front height: 2-3mm (copper)
  • Dispensing speed: 6 meters/ minute
  • Label dimension: (L)20-100 mm (W)20-100 mm
  • Carbon Ribbon: 100-122 meter
  • Spare part: hot stamp carbon ribbon
  • Power supply: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 110W
  • Dimension: (L)690 mm (W)340mm (H)445mm
Option Accessories
  • Clear label sensor (for transparent label)
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