Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two labeling heads)


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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two labeling heads) | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler (with two labeling heads)


Tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 is designed specifically to fulfill labeling tasks with high precision and efficiency. It is the first small-sized two-sided labeler with two labeling heads on the market. Its labeling heads can be synchronized together to provide service. Such feature enables tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 to apply two labels, of different sizes, to two different targeted position in one single process. Unlike traditional labelers that require you to repeatedly feed products to apply labels on both sides, all that two-sided labeler needs is putting the labeling products on its conveyor belts. This way, tabletop two-sided labeling machine not only greatly improves your productivity but also significantly saves your labor costs.

Top and side labeling machine

The Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler that Offers High Labeling Precision (±1MM)

LT1252 is powered by stepper motors; and thus provides steady labeling outputs. It shares the same controlling system with standard top labelers and standard flat-surface labelers, that is, a built-in micro-computer program. Such controlling system has a user-friendly interface, which helps to free you from complicated manual parameter settings. Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler’s labeling speed is 20-40 pcs/ min, depending on the specificity of your products.LT1252 is a two-sided labeling machine which applies up to two labels in one single process. Its two labeling heads can operate either independently or coordinately, depending on your production needs. Its labeling precision reaches ±1mm, which is the best choice for businesses with high precision needs. Tabletop Two-Sided Labeler comes in a space-efficient size and thus is the top choice for business with only limited workplace. It also works for extensive range of applications, including electronics with high-precision labeling needs, SSD labeling, serial number labeling, paper boxes, plastic boxes, documents, anti-counterfeiting stickers, cosmetics, disposable contact lens boxes, and labels of pharmaceutical drugs, etc. The rear part of tabletop two-sided labeler can be drilled to leave preparatory holes for supporting poles in case of future production needs or in case of future installment of other packaging equipment to build up a production line.


1. Equipped with two labeling heads, which can provide services with only one head or with two heads either independently or coordinately.
2. Both labeling heads are powered by stepper motors; allowing labeling at two different targeted positions; decreasing feeding time and optimizing productivity.
3. Optional Japanese-made stepper motors or server motors according to production needs.
4. Streamlined conveyor unit is space efficient; minimizing space restrictions.
5. Smart labeling system; easy to operate; minimizing complicated manual parameter settings.
6. Controlled by micro-computer programs; Its user-friendly interface minimizes learning duration.
7. Adjustable labeling speed suits various labeling needs.
8. High labeling precision (±1MM) makes two-sided labeler the best labeling solution for IT and electronic industry.
9. Programmed with a counter; visualizing productivity with clarity.
10. Each labeling head has its own hand wheel; making adjustment of labeling angels and heights fast and easy.
11. Micro-computer based program makes it easy to set up for one-sided or two-sided labeling.
12. Equipped with two independent photo-electronic eye; each detects targeted labeling position and labeling products independently.
13. Adjustable labeling speed: either in automatic mode or in manual mode.
14. Incorporating two labeling heads in tabletop labelers: a significant breakthrough on the market.
15. Automatically detect the length of labels through program settings.
16. Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy; comes in solidity and durability.

  • Labeling Speed: 20-40 pcs/min
  • Labeling Precision: ±1MM
  • Applicable Label Width/Length: 10-100 mm/ 10-300 mm
  • Label Roll Diameter: Inside 75 mm/ Outside 300 mm
  • Power Input: 110/220 VAC
Option Accessories
  • Photoelectronic eye for transparent labels
  • Date coding machine
  • Material receiver/feeder
  • Servo motor units
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