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Neostarpack capping machine Service Introduction

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is Taiwan capping machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1998, in the bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering our customers high quality capping machine production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Neostarpack always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Top and Bottom Tamp Labeling Machine
    Top and Bottom Tamp Labeling Machine

    Top and bottom tamp labeler machine is specifically designed for special containers and is used for the products which needs twice labeling. The labeling head is set up on the top and bottom of the labeler individually to achieve labeling two labels simultaneously. The production efficiency can reach up to five to ten times more than manual labeling. If your product needs labeling on the top and bottom of the container respectively, and the container and the product itself have the following conditions: with irregular shape, which can’t stand upright on the conveyor belt, slender round bottle, high-precision labeling requirements and labeling parts are non-flat or have grooves or other such types need special labeling machine. However, usually the design of ordinary labeling machines cannot meet your labeling needs and the labels neither can be labeled perfectly nor can be smoothed. In this case, you need to purchase a labeling machine with tamping device to label perfectly on the products.

  • Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line
    Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line

    Capsule counting complete line for healthy food is usually for the pharmaceutical factory and healthy food manufactory that must have to equip with. These factories mainly sell the tablets and capsules product. While packing, it need to meet the expectations for the production needs. This capsule counting machine line includes, bottle feeding machine, two capsule counting machines, automatic cap-suppling machine, cap sorting machine, automatic capper, labeling machine and collecting round table. On this whole line, the equipment and contact face that we use are all selected by food-grade ingredients, all conforming the cGMP regulations and satisfying the product standard. Besides, if you have the small scale to medium packaging needs, we can offer another line that has rinsing, counting, labeling, capping and foil sealing machine. It has the long and intact production process. We also provide customized packaging mechanical modules. According to your healthy food and capsule packaging production line, we can bring you more flexible bottle cppsule counting and packaging solutions. Mechanical construction and adjustment is relatively simple. Speaking of the maintenance, it is also easy to protect and check, helping you lower the cost.

  • Automatic Filling And Capping Machine Line
    Automatic Filling And Capping Machine Line
    Bottle feeder/ FP-5600/ CW-4100/ RT-1000

    Automatic filling capping machine (overflow filler) can do automatic bottle feeding, automatic liquid filling, automatic cap feeding, cap placing, cap screwing and automatic bottle out-feeding procedure, and the machine can be applied to round and oval round bottle container that usually be used on daily cleaning supplies such as shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing cream, perfume, laundry detergent and dishwashing. Because the oval bottles have larger surface that can be used on product feature demonstration, also, its lively shape makes it popular and becomes common packaging choice. Automatic Filling Capping machine is designed for oval bottles which easy to overturn while conveying, providing stable and balanced transportation for many sizes/ heights of bottle. The filling station has multiple filling nozzles and dual-track conveying which are designed for maintaining the continuous production and increasing the efficiency, also, the distance between two bottles are remained properly so that there is no interference in liquid filling procedure. After filling procedure, the bottles will be conveyed to the cap-placing machine, and start automatic cap placing, cap pressing and cap screwing process simultaneously. The 3 in 1 machine design of cap-sorting, cap-pressing and cap-screwing not only shorten the process time but also saving the space in production area. The automatic filling capping line will correct the system automatically according to the central spot of the container while doing liquid filling and cap screwing procedure. If the production line is connected to the labeler, the production line can correct or maintain the specific transporting angle. Every mechanism was designed after full consideration in production details, making the production process fluent and efficient.

  • Automatic Wine Filling Capping Line
    Automatic Wine Filling Capping Line

    Automatic wine filling capping production line is designed for glass bottle and cork, and can be applied to bottled wine products such as Sorghum, whiskey, Shaoxing wine, agave, rum, brandy, vodka, sake, liqueur, fruit wine and any kind of liquid that has alcohol concentration range from 2% to 60%. This instrument is equipped with a filling machine that can be used to fill liquid which over 60% alcohol concentration, and because of the overflow design, the slightly size different would not affect the instrument so every bottled product is going to have the same liquid level. And also, the bottle filling capping machine is equipped capping machine which can deal with automatic cap feeding, cap placing and capping procedures precisely, so the instrument is your best choice to bottling alcoholic drink product.

  • Vial Filling Capping Machine Equipment
(Piston Pump Liquid Filler & Capper Line)
    Vial Filling Capping Machine Equipment (Piston Pump Liquid Filler & Capper Line)

    The automatic vial filling capping machine equipment is combined with bottle infeed device, which means there are three functions in one frame, providing fully automatic bottle feeding, bottle positioning, liquid filling, cap placing, and cap screwing procedure; all mechanisms are synchronized that keep production from being interrupted. Automatic vial filling capping machine equipment is suitable for 2-20ml small volume liquid filling and capping, and can be used on pharmaceutical, essential oil, injection, cosmetic, healthy beverage and special solvent production. Vial filling capping machine equipment is equipped with high accuracy liquid filler, automatic cap-placing and outstanding servo motor-driven system which providing smooth and precise cap-placing, cap-screwing process. Besides, it’s simple to operate the machine because of the advanced control interface, and easy to fulfill both high speed and high accuracy production. Furthermore, you could also enhance production efficiency and save the costly manpower. Automatic vial filling capping machine consists of multiple stations: Automatic conveying device with star wheel design. At the first is filling station; second one is auto-cap-placing station; the third is capping station, and the bottle outfeed machine is also available as option. This liquid filling machine is driven by servo motor, and the operator can input the filling volume directly by using the human-machine interface which can use to quickly input parameter. And the filling accuracy of the instrument is excellent, liquid storage tank can be customized according to your requirement. This instrument has the automatic cap-placing and cap-screwing function, and can apply to every plastic screwing caps and aluminum caps; capping tightness can be adjusted by servo torque control via human machine interface.

  • Production Line with Automatic Counting, Filling, and Capping Machines (Counting Machines, Power Filling Machines, Capping Machines, and Aluminum Foil Sealers)
    Production Line with Automatic Counting, Filling, and Capping Machines (Counting Machines, Power Filling Machines, Capping Machines, and Aluminum Foil Sealers)

    The production line of pharmaceutical level equipment with automatic counting, filling, and capping machines has dual productivities of automatic counting, filling and capping machines and powder filling and capping machines. The innovation is that one production line with dual functionalities, including automatic bottle conveyors, counting machines, powder filling machines, cap sorting machines, capping machines, aluminum foil sealers and automatic bottle collecting machines.

  • Tabletop Overflow Filler
    Tabletop Overflow Filler

    Tabletop overflow filler is best suited for liquid with low to medium viscosity. The desired product to be filled is held in a stainless steel reservoir, then pumped into a manifold to disperse product to each of your filling nozzles. When the container fills up to the target fill height, the excess product and foam is forced out of the container via the return side to the original product source tank. The unique overflow filling nozzles allow for each bottle or container to be filled to the same level, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing shelf appeal for clear containers. Tabletop overflow filler is suitable for free flowing liquid such as water, juice, syrups, alcoholic beverage, shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, and other non carbonated aqueous beverages. It especially suits for foamy liquid. High performance, easy to clean, easy to operate, expandable at low cost. Offers greatest flexibility at lowest cost. This Filler is manufactured with a heavy duty 304 stainless steel, tig-welded frame and is available with 2 Fill Heads. stainless steel Filling Heads, and Product Supply Pump, plus many more features.

  • Compact Filling Line (Filler/Capper/Labeler)
    Compact Filling Line (Filler/Capper/Labeler)

    Semi-automatic star wheel capper is the best solution of automatic filling line for flexible small scale production .With integration of feeding turntable, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine, it provides consistent action without down time and reduces operator's injury. Just one machine can fill all your small bottles.

  • Automatic capsule tablet counting machine line
    Automatic capsule tablet counting machine line

    Automatic capsule counting machine equipped with automatic bottle-feeding turntable that transporting the bottles to the counting machine and outfeed turntable though conveyer, reducing the repetitive workforce on placing and picking the bottle manually. Different from its tabletop, single machine, version, the turntable made this production line more efficient. Compact design makes it suitable for limited space and easy to change over for different product. Suitable for extensive fields of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, chemistry and cosmetics. Application include bottled gums, vitamin, pills, capsule, tablet, fish oil, candy…etc.

  • High Speed Automatic Counting Machine
    High Speed Automatic Counting Machine

    Straight feeding high speed automatic counting machines can calculate precisely tablets, capsules, pills, troches, dragées and chocolate, etc. in any types and sizes to fill them into many products. Automatic PLC controlled comprehensive location, bottle infeed, bottle splitting, counting and filling lead to efficient manpower. High speed automatic counting machines allow to have 20 sets of parameters for multiple counting productions at the same time.

  • Tabletop Screw Capping Machine
    Tabletop Screw Capping Machine

    This tabletop screw capping machine can do capping on a various kind of screw caps such as plastic round bottle cap, aluminum cap, spray bottle cap, duckbill bottle cap, iron caps, and can easily apply to many different industries unlimited. Tabletop screw capping machine has new mechanism integration design that has much more compact machine frame and less space is needed comparing to tabletop semi-automatic capping machine NCW-100. By Integrating all control and operation system in one interface, the machine operator can do capping in lesser space and shorter period of time. Because the torque motor control system remains capping consistency in the long run, you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Automatic Bottle Capping Machine
    Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

    Automatic bottle capping machine CS4150 integrates cap feeding, cap placing and capping functions in one fully automatic capping machine that saving your space and production cost. Capping machine equipped with high-end servo motor that can be operated and adjusted easily, and it can be apply to many different industry areas. The capping torque can be adjusted according to the cap you used, and the stable capping torque prevents cap damage happening. Also, automatic capping machine can finish the whole capping procedure in a short period of time. There are multiple optional easy-changing capping heads for different size of caps, and be able to use on various kind of bottles and caps. It can be widely applied to various kinds of caps for medicine, food and beverage, toiletries and cosmetic industries, etc. And saves production space as well as maximize production efficiency.

  • Tabletop Vial Crimping Machine
    Tabletop Vial Crimping Machine

    Tabletop vial crimping machine CV1000, also called vial aluminum cap capping machine, is a small-size vial crimping machine. It is suitable for injections, essences, vials, skin care product and contact lotions, etc., which need the aluminum cap sealing. The sealing system can cooperate with the tightness needs of caps to freely adjust, adopting pneumatic control to cap fast and keep it intact.

  • Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Capping Machine
    Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Capping Machine

    The pneumatic semi-automatic capping machine is a single-head capping machine. It is small and suitable for small spaces. The advantages are: it needs only one operator, it has no limitation of space, and it starts working right after connecting power. The tabletop capping machine can fast packaging produce to avoid operators’ wrists injuries due to too much capping. It is freely to set up torque to adjust the tightness without loosening. Different applicators are needed to be changed for switching other types of caps.

  • Cap Tightener Machine (Servo Retorquer Capping Machine)
    Cap Tightener Machine (Servo Retorquer Capping Machine)

    The high torque servo retorque capping machine provides stable capping torque. The electronic cap tightener machine’s gearing driven control does not overtighten or loosen caps. Single-head servo retorque capping machine’s capping applicator is the only component that needs to be switched while changing caps, so it can apply to multiple sizes of caps. The production conditions can be adjusted in accord with sizes and caps of bottles.

  • Automatic Indexing Spindle Capping Machine
    Automatic Indexing Spindle Capping Machine

    Automatic indexing spindle capping machine uses the universal gripper to cap with proper torque, and it feeds straightforwardly with fast speed. Many optional types of applicators are available, and they are applicable for general plastic caps, PET caps, downward pressing caps, safe pump heads and screw caps. It can also cap special duckbilled caps, breaking through the limits of capping machines with specialized specifications.

  • Automatic Aluminum ROPP Capping Machine
    Automatic Aluminum ROPP Capping Machine

    The automatic aluminum ROPP capping machine uses the automatic aluminum cap feeding and capping machine for the high-speed production line. It adopts the servo motor driven aluminum cap feeding and capping machine to sort, feed and locate caps with stable torque by one machine. It simplifies the arrangement of the production site. Rotary disks introduce bottles to the aluminum capping machine before locating and capping.

  • Tabletop Semi-automatic Capping Machine
    Tabletop Semi-automatic Capping Machine

    The light and sophisticated tabletop semi-automatic capping machine is able to be placed in a workplace with limited space because of the small volume. Only a size of the table is needed to operate it when capping, and it is very mobile to move around for production. It has double functionalities of both cap capping and opening. The solid and endurable machine body is made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum alloy, and the height of the capping applicator can be adjusted according to bottles’ height without using any tools.

  • Automatic Capper
    Automatic Capper

    Automatic Capper CC4170 can be easily adjusted with the capping head to meet different capping requirements. With dual clipping conveyor, all kinds of bottles can meet precise position while caps feeding and capping.

  • Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper
    Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper

    NCW-415S Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper can be easily adjusted with the capping head to meet different capping requirements. With universal torque capping controlling system, there is no need to change the capping head to apply widely to various sizes of caps and bottles in round shape, square shape or other containers. According to the characters of different products, capping speed and other settings can be adjusted fast and simply to meet various production needs, and the dual servo driving system can also make the machine to cap accurately with high efficiency.

  • Automatic Counting Capping And Labeling Line
    Automatic Counting Capping And Labeling Line

    Automatic Counting Capping And Labeling Line is design for packaging regular counting materials, such as tablet, capsule, pill, etc. NTM-420 can finish whole bottle filling, capping, labeling production Line. With PLC user friendly control system and touch screen, it is easy to operate without training and adjustments to save downtime and boost productivity. We designs and manufactures from automatic counting filling line and fully automatic production lines and its products are sold in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • Bottle Rinsing and Filling Machine Line
    Bottle Rinsing and Filling Machine Line

    Bottle Rinsing and Filling Machine Line is built to help with product security and hygiene concerns. Air blows to bottles after bottles being inverted, and the dust will be removed by vacuum. The rinsing and filling line suits for any material of bottles and is especially designed for integrating with exist conveyor or packaging system.

  • Automatic Bottle Rinsing Filling and Capping Machine
    Automatic Bottle Rinsing Filling and Capping Machine

    Fully Auto Bottle Rinsing Filling and Capping Machine This is touch screen PLC base Rotary Bottles Rinsing Filling Capping Machine. This machine mainly used for bottle rinsing, filling and capping of drink such as Beverages, Soft drink, Juice, Synthetic Flavoured Juice etc. The Machine design is shorten the time for the packaging, Outside contamination and increased the sanitation condition throughout the machine and economical. Neostarpack is a filling capping machine manufacturer, supplier and service provider of food and beverages processing plants and machines in Taiwan. PACKAGING SEGMENT 1. Bottle Rinsing Filling & Capping Machine 2. Jar Filling Machine 3. Juice Filling Machine Advantages: 1. Fully automatic in-line system from rinsing, filling to capping. 2. Flexible to fill various liquids from water thin to heavy paste products in a variety of bottle material, size and filling volumes. 3. Applied to a wide range of industries including cosmetics, chemicals pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

  • Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine
    Automatic High Speed Bottle Washing Machine

    The automatic high speed bottle washing machine can work for many types of bottles at the same time. The new generation fast flipping bottle washing machines are designed for speedy production line, breaking through the old washing mode that allowed only one row bottles into washing machines. It washes at the same time with double rows of bottles by180-degree flipping bottle washing. When the machine is washing the first row bottles, the second row is conveyed to wait for the next washing. After finishing washing the first row, the second row will be immediately washed right after the first row outfeeds. The washing speed doubles by constantly flipping and washing bottles while still conveying and locating new bottles with no time wasted. We provide bottle water rinser and bottle air rinsers for different needs of products. The gas washing machin use powerful gas to inject into the containers directly, cleaning out the dust out of the bottles. It becomes an efficient bottle air washing machine, and bottle water washing machines use pure water to rinse.

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