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Neostarpack is a liquid filling packaging line supplier, good at filler, tablet counter, capping machine labeller and bottle rinser.


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Neostarpack's Round Bottle Labeler | Packaging Equipment and Line

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Round Bottle Labeler | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Round Bottle Labeler

Automatic Round Bottle Labeler

Bottle labeling machine
Bottle labeling machine

Neostarpck is a whole-plant equipment manufacturer of automatic round bottle labelers. The round bottle labelers are extensively able to be adopted in different sizes of round and oval bottles, tubular and flat containers. Many kinds of materials can be used in the round bottle machines, such as plastic bottles, the whole or half circumference of the glass, the metal and the aluminum bottles, one label or two labels for the industries of the food, the pharmacy, the cosmetics or the chemical engineering. Automatic round bottles use CCD to actively and precisely detect the labels’ position. One round bottle labelers can work with machines of round, oval, flat, canned and high speed round bottle labelers. With many different types of labeling machinery options and rich experience of food, pharmaceutical, electronic automatic round bottle labeler and whole-plant equipment, Neopackstar provides the most complete scenario to our clients’needs.

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  • Automated Chemical Products Filling Capping and Labeling Packaging Line
    Automated Chemical Products Filling Capping and Labeling Packaging Line

    In usual, it’s necessary to consider the chemical property of the product itself when manufacturing the chemical products. Therefore, when selecting the packaging machinery equipment, the material of the packaging machine must also be considered to avoid product quality being affected by chemical liquid corrosion. Most of the liquids in the chemical industry are acidic and alkaline liquids, in order to avoid operator directly contacting with the liquids during filling process, we especially customize filling and capping line for chemical products. The chemical industry, like most other industries, is unable to predict the market reception in the early stage of development, it usually chooses to test the market demand by small amount of production. As the sales volume increases, so the automated production is taken into consideration to increase production capacity. To maintain the quality of each product, whether it is the capacity of the bottle filling, or the tightness of the cap or position of the label labelled, it can’t be achieved without filler, capper and labeler, these machinery equipment However, it consumes more manual labors and with less production efficiency with single machine operation. Hence, through integrating machine equipment, the automated chemical liquid filling and capping packaging line not only increases the production capacity but improves the quality of product packaging as well. This chemical production line can provide you with customized chemical filling capping and labeling equipment according to different characteristics of liquids, bottle size, shapes, material of caps and labeling types. With the diversities of products in the market, we can provide the filling and capping machine packaging line that meets the needs of commodity packaging to create maximum value and efficiency for customers.

  • Edible oil Filling Packaging machine
    Edible oil Filling Packaging machine

    Edible oil is around our world. Most of the common edible oils are vegetable oils and in liquid status. They are usually made from oil-rich crops and seeds, including cocoa butter, palm oil, peanut oil, olive oil and coconut oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, canola oil, linseed seed oil, tea-seed oil, grape seed oil, corn oil (corn germ oil), etc., animal oils include lard, roast duck oil, tallow, cod liver oil, chicken oil, squalene oil, fish oil, shortening, etc. Nowadays, no matter whether it is street vendors, eateries or restaurants, the demand for edible oil is more and more diversified, so the demand for edible oil continues to increase, and the manufacturing supplier keeps up with the changing needs of consumers while taking care of the hygiene of the products. As a result, more manual labors are needed for the product packaging.

  • Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line
    Bottle Capsule Counting Machine Line

    Capsule counting complete line for healthy food is usually for the pharmaceutical factory and healthy food manufactory that must have to equip with. These factories mainly sell the tablets and capsules product. While packing, it need to meet the expectations for the production needs. This capsule counting machine line includes, bottle feeding machine, two capsule counting machines, automatic cap-suppling machine, cap sorting machine, automatic capper, labeling machine and collecting round table. On this whole line, the equipment and contact face that we use are all selected by food-grade ingredients, all conforming the cGMP regulations and satisfying the product standard. Besides, if you have the small scale to medium packaging needs, we can offer another line that has rinsing, counting, labeling, capping and foil sealing machine. It has the long and intact production process. We also provide customized packaging mechanical modules. According to your healthy food and capsule packaging production line, we can bring you more flexible bottle cppsule counting and packaging solutions. Mechanical construction and adjustment is relatively simple. Speaking of the maintenance, it is also easy to protect and check, helping you lower the cost.

  • Automatic Round Bottle Labeler with Rotary Table
    Automatic Round Bottle Labeler with Rotary Table

    This is the most convenient labeling machine with high stability and precise position. It has an automatic bottle feeding and collecting round table to produce efficiently and saving labor. construction is heavy-duty, prolonging the longevity. It's ideal for all plastic, metal and glass round bottle, especially for wrap around product. The applicable product: Required to be labeled on the Circumference of surface or other Curved surface. Applicable industries are Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, electronic, metal, plastic and other industries. We can also supply you the coding machine for option, to print production date and batch number, shorten the bottle packaging process, improve the production efficiency.

  • Exquisite Cabinet Free Set Round Bottle Labeler
    Exquisite Cabinet Free Set Round Bottle Labeler

    Free set round bottle labeler LR2100 can be widely used in labeling cosmetics, food, beverage containers, etc.

  • Wrapping Around Labeler
    Wrapping Around Labeler

    Wrapping around labeling machine LR2300 compact design with high mobility for labeling round containers with half circle, 3/4 circle or completely wrap around to meet round bottle labeling requirements with high efficiency.

  • Automatic Round Bottle Labeler
    Automatic Round Bottle Labeler

    Automatic round bottle labeler LR3000 is suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, and cosmetic industries labeling requirements. It is able to connect with labeling machine production line.

  • Automatic Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler
    Automatic Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler

    Automatic horizontal round bottle labeler LR3600 applies to labeling products which can’t stand vertically such as syringe and crayon. With pharmaceutical class conveyor, it also ideal for pharmacy industry.

  • Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
    Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    Automatic round bottles labeling machine LR4000 is available for any kind of erective plastic bottle and glasses labeling such as water bottle, yoghurt, wine bottle, seasoning, cleanser, small round bottle, ampoule, nail polish, lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, battery etc. Different kind of label like transparent label, anti-forgery label and barcode label are all applicable to this machine.

  • Spindle Wraparound Round Bottle Labeler
    Spindle Wraparound Round Bottle Labeler

    The spindle wraparound bottle labeling machine LR4350 is suitable for all industries that need to labels round bottle containers. The spindle wraparound labeling machine uses the method of rolling and rotating the container to stick the label tightly on the container when the bottle moving forward. The spindle wraparound bottle labeling machine is suitable for various sizes and material bottles. The labeling machine is suitable for label itself that needs to surround the bottle product more than half a circle. The labeling method meets the need for product that required full or large surface area labeling. LR4350 has a unique labeling mode, that has high stability during product conveying and no deviation when product is labeled which provide high-precision labeling products.

  • Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler
    Horizontal Round Bottle Labeler

    Horizontal round bottle labeler LR4600 is suitable for cylindrical containers and products that can't stand stably such as ampoules, crayons, lip balms, etc.

  • Horizontal Vial Labeler with Laser Printer
    Horizontal Vial Labeler with Laser Printer

    Horizontal vial labeler with laser printer LR460PC is suitable for cylindrical containers and products that can't stand stably such as ampoules, crayons, lip balms, etc. Equipped with Laser printer and CCD system makes the labeler more flexible and can be widely used in.

  • Horizontal Round Labeler with Side Applicator
    Horizontal Round Labeler with Side Applicator

    LR460S Horizontal wrap around labeler plus tamp labeler is built for cosmetic products like lipstick or other cylindrical product labeling requirement. Equipped with tamp label applicator, it can attach label on the lateral. Moreover, the medical class conveyor makes it also suits for pharmaceutical industry like vials and ampoules.

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