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Neostarpack Co., Ltd. is an industrial Tabletop Top Labeler | packaging machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In bottling packaging machinery industry, Neostarpack has been offering effective and flexible total packaging solutions to customers since 1998.

As an automatic filling packaging line supplier, besides packaging labeling and capping equipment, filling and closing machine can be tailored to the specific needs of the customers and their industries.

With both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Neostarpack makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Tabletop Top Labeler


Tabletop automatic ;abeler LT1100 is finely made and of a space efficient size, which makes it the best choice for business with only limited work space. Tabletop automatic labeler is controlled by a micro-computer with built-in parameter settings, which helps to eliminate complicated parameter settings. Such user-friendly feature allows operating staffs to pick up the operation system in a short period of time. The streamlined label reel unit installs labels toward the front, making it easy to switch label rolls, minimizing the waste of production time.

Tabletop top labeling machine

The Tabletop Labeler that Works for Wide Range of Industries

Equipped with photo-electronic eyes, tabletop automatic labeling machine detects labels and targeted labeling positions with great precision. Its labeling unit is synchronized with the conveyor unit, providing a smooth line of production. All applications will be sent to the conveyor unit once they are labeled, minimizing production jam. Its labeling speed goes from 30 to 60 pcs/min. Set to carry out labeling tasks at fixed speed, tabletop labeler LT1100 is ready to label once being powered up. No complicated manual speed setting is needed. Its capacity reaches up to 3600 units per hour (speed varies depending on the specificity of your products). Its high efficiency is equivalent to fully automatic labelers. Tabletop labeling machine applies labels to products of extensive range of fields, including pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, electronics, food, chemistry, automotive parts, hardware parts, batteries, protection films, Motherboards, paper boxes, plastic boxes, foil bags, and zipper bags, etc. Tabletop automatic labeler LT1100 provides both space and production efficiency. All it needs is a table to stand on to start labeling. Therefore, LT1100 is the best choice for small or medium-sized business with limited work space but with versatile labeling needs.


1. User-friendly interface; Ready for labeling simply by powering it up.
2. Space efficient size makes it high mobile; ideal bottling solutions for businesses with only limited work space.
3. Extensive range of applications; works with various kinds of self-adhesive labels.
4. Broad conveyor belts are synchronized with labeling heads; applicable to various product sizes with excellent conveying efficiency.
5. Humanized control interface with automatic labeling speed setting; minimizing complicated manual settings.
6. Adjustable labeling heights and angels; easy to fine-tune targeted positions according to needs.
7. Applying labels with high accuracy; no need to mark out stopping positions when labeling.
8. Built-in parameter settings in a microcomputer programmed PLC system; minimizing complicated manual parameter settings.
9. Imported high abrasion-resistant belts provide great durability and long service life.
10. Finely-made Japanese photo-electronic eye; detecting targeted labeling position with great precision.
11. Powered by automatic stepper motors; optimizing productivity.
12. Made of SUS#304 high quality stainless steel and hardened aluminum alloy; providing great solidity and easy maintenance.

  • Labeling Speed: 30-60 pcs/min (depending on your specific products and label sizes).
  • Labeling Precision: ± 1 mm
  • Applicable Label Size: (L) 10-300mm (W) 10-100mm
  • Label Roll Diameter: Inside 75mm; Outside 300mm
  • Dimensions: (L) 950mm; (W) 580mm; (H) 730 mm
  • Power Input: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Powered by Stepper Motors
Option Accessories
  • Photo-electronic eyes for transparent labels.
  • Hot stamp date coding machine.
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Tabletop Top Labeler

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    Tabletop automatic top Labeler LT1000 provides great convenience at a competitive price in a space-efficient size. It comes with an user-friendly PLC control panel, making parameter settings fast and easy, even when changing different sizes of labels is needed. Its operation system is easy to pick up, even for first time users. Accompanied with streamlined conveyors, tabletop automatic top labeler is the best choice for business with only limited work space. Tabletop automatic top labeler works with various types of labels, including printed labels, self-adhesive labels, computer-printed label stickers, laser labels, anti-theft labels, food & drink labels and special labels.

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    Tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 is designed specifically to fulfill labeling tasks with high precision and efficiency. It is the first small-sized two-sided labeler with two labeling heads on the market. Its labeling heads can be synchronized together to provide service. Such feature enables tabletop two-sided labeler LT1252 to apply two labels, of different sizes, to two different targeted position in one single process. Unlike traditional labelers that require you to repeatedly feed products to apply labels on both sides, all that two-sided labeler needs is putting the labeling products on its conveyor belts. This way, tabletop two-sided labeling machine not only greatly improves your productivity but also significantly saves your labor costs.

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    Equipped with a round bottle labeling head and a top labeling head, wrap around and top labeling LR1300 and LT1100 tabletop labeler fulfills labeling tasks of round bottles and top label through one single process. Its greatest advantage is its capacity of carrying out the two labeling tasks within one single process. Its fixed-point round bottle labeler can either apply wrap-around or semicircle labels on a single or two sides of round bottles with high accuracy and within minimal error range. The labeling speed of tabletop wrap around and top labeler is 20-50 pcs/min, depending on your specific products or label sizes.

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    Top tamp labelers LS1200 is space-efficient. Each part of it comes in high standard. Its high quality photo-electronic sensors help to greatly improve labeling precision. Top tamp labeler LS1200 works especially great for products of high labeling precision needs, such as electronic accessories, micro-chips, cell-phone batteries, eyelash glue and pharmaceutical syrup bottles. Thus, top tamp labeling Machine provides the best labeler solutions to industries like pharmacies, cosmetics, personal care and consumer electronics.

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    LS1000 Tabletop tamp labeler is powered by step motors, which produce stable labeling outputs. Equipped with labeling head and conveyor, LS1000 is able to fulfill the labeling task with high accuracy. Tabletop tamp labeling machine uses pneumatic applicator to retrieve label stickers from their holders. It can easily apply labels onto different shapes of bottles, even those with unusual or concave surface or those with unusual angels, and those made of soft materials. It applies labels to bottles of wide range of products including those of electronics, food, chemical industry, biotechnology and pharmacies.

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